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Solving the Mystery of the Rust in the Garage February 15, 2017

A couple of weeks ago, a reader reached out to me about a mystery rust problem he was having in his garage. He sent me pictures of the various tools in the garage, including the metal in the work bench, that was severely rusting. His worry was that the rust was caused by the salt that he used in his water softener that he keeps in the garage. I was concerned that it was the salt-water swimming pool that was in his yard. We were both wrong!

We had numerous readers that sent in what had caused the rusting in their garage, and it was unanimous-pool chemical storage in the garage. I want to thank everyone who took the time to respond and solve the mystery for our reader.

Now to the email ...

Question: We spilled wine on our light beige carpet, and I used mild dish soap, white vinegar, and warm water to clean the carpet. Now that the carpet is dry you can see a ghost of a stain, and I would like to remove it, but I don't want to use anything too harsh. Do you have a remedy?

Answer: If you have any Herby's Fame I'm sure that it would remove any leftover stain. Just spray the area with Herby's, and give it a scrub using a soft brush. Always remember to pull towards the stain so that you don't spread the stain out any further. Then blot with a white towel, again working toward the center of the stain. Let dry and then if necessary repeat. Tech also makes a cleaner called Red Wine Remover, and I have used that one too with success.

Question: My housekeeper used a product on the wood floors that has built up, and I want to remove it and use the Quick Shine from now on. The product was wax, and it has yellowed in the corners. What would be the easiest way to remove the wax, and then how do I apply the Quick Shine?

Answer: Deep Cleaner by Holloway House is a heavy duty cleaner and floor wax stripper and is what I would use if it were my floor. Dilute 1 cup of Deep Cleaner into 1 gallon of hot water and apply to the floor with a mop. Allow the Deep Cleaner to work and then agitate with a scrub side of the mop to remove the built-up wax. Rinse all Deep Cleaner and wax with clear water. Let dry. Now you can apply the Quick Shine with a dry Swiffer or a clean mop. The Quick Shine Floor Finish will dry in twenty minutes and will provide an instant shine. The Quick Shine will never have to be removed; it will just walk off. When the floor doesn't shine put on another coat of Quick Shine Floor Finish.

Question: I have a few outside bricks on the house where the mortar has cracked and fallen out. The brick is not loose, but I want to put back the mortar like it used to be. What product do I use that will be easy to apply? I want it to look good, but I want to do it myself.

Answer: More Flex is a flexible mortar that comes in a caulking tube that is easy to use and looks just like the texture of mortar. You can use it around brick, stucco, stone or cinderblock. More Flex comes in a caulking tube, and is paintable, so you get the color you want and its easy cleanup with water. Clean out the area to be repaired, and then apply the More Flex using a caulking gun. It blends like mortar and flexes like rubber.

Question: I love the 30 Second Outdoor Cleaner – I have used it several times and I know that you say not to use a high-pressure power washer on wood, so what would be a good hose nozzle that would give me a good strong spray for cleaning?

Answer: Little Big Shot Super Nozzle is a maximum force water nozzle that is light weight and made of solid brass. It is adjustable from watering delicate flowers to a powerful sweep to clean your deck and sidewalks. <