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Johnnie Chuoke's Home And Hardware
2361 NW Military Hwy
San Antonio, TX 78231

The Happy Handyman Show is now on 1200 AM WOAI Show time is from 3-4 PM.

Johnnie Chuoke’s Home & Hardware serves its customers with products used in building, modifying, customizing, or beautifying a project, an office, or a home. Johnnie Chuoke’s Home & Hardware has the products our customers are looking for, along with advice they need.

Our products and services are just as beneficial to the novice starting a first project, as they are to the experienced contractor looking for a reliable and timely supplier.

For 50 years, Johnnie Chuoke’s Home & Hardware has prided itself on the fact that it is a truly service-oriented, family-owned and operated business that can meet the needs of its community as no other company can.

Stonetech - Deep Klenz
Our Price: $20.99
K.O. Dirt Blaster
Our Price: $21.99 Johnnie's Favorites
TriFlow 12 oz.
Our Price: $15.99 Johnnie's Favorites
MinWax Wood Hardener/Sealer
Our Price: $13.99 Johnnie's Favorites