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Zip It Drain Clog Remover
Our Price: $4.59

Clear clogged and slow running sink, shower, and bathtub drains in seconds without harsh chemicals. Simply insert Zip-It into drain and pull out slowly to remove hair, food particles, and build-up. Nontoxic, environmentally safe.
Our Price: $6.99

Sinktastic is a wonderful alternative to replace the stopper in your sink. Just drop in on the exsisting basket and now your sink will be updated. Takes old scratched stopper and replaces it with a nice new look. Also has a clean fresh smell.

Drain Out Kitchen
Our Price: $7.99 Johnnie's Favorites

Surfactant based formula designed specifically to break up kitchen grease-based clogs. Cleans tough food and grease blocks. Freshens drains and disposers.
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Drain Out Bathroom
Our Price: $7.99 Johnnie's Favorites

Formula powers through hair and soap scum clogs. Cleans tough blocks and freshens drain and pipes.Click here to return to home page.
Goop Plumbing
Our Price: $7.99

To seal plumbing leaks. Also great for fish tank and bird bath leaks.

Frugal Flush Flapper
Our Price: $8.99 Johnnie's Favorites

For 1.6 to 3.5 gallon commodes. Will save up to 2 gallons per flush. Don't change toilets change your flapper

Mildew Free Sealant
Our Price: $8.99 Johnnie's Favorites

Cured sealant is mildew resistant. 7 year guaranteed, includes re-installation. Available in white color.
6 fl. oz.
Instant Power Disposal Freshener & Cleaner
Our Price: $8.99

Lemon scent, instant power disposer and drain cleaner is an enzyme formulation made to digest and break up drain clogging material and eliminate garbage disposer and drain odors. Opens sluggish drains so they flow freely and improve disposer system operations. Safe for septic systems. Contains natural ingredients. 1 liter.

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Our Price: $10.99

A repair tape that stretches to three times its length. Will repair water hoses of all types and drain pipes. Plus radiator hoses and fan belts on autos
Fluidmaster Fill Valve
Our Price: $10.99

Universal toilet fill valve...Fluidmaster 400. Fixes a toilet that runs or won't refill. Installs in 15 minutes. EZ twist height adjusts to fit most toilets. Comes with a 5 years warranty. $9.99