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AJustLock 4" Barrel Bolt
Our Price: $8.99

Ajustco's Adjustable 4'' Barrel Bolt Lock is one of most popular world's first adjustable catch bolt lock - AjustLock. Suitable for both residential and commercial buildings, this adjustable barrel bolt lock can be used to secure most of the standard room doors, bathrooms, gates and stalls properly.
Window or Door Alarm
Our Price: $9.99

Easy to install, no wiring, Selectable alarm or chime mode, 120 decibel alarm

Chain Door Guard with Key
Our Price: $10.95

Extra safety. Lock from outside. Not one can surprise you

AJustLock 6" Heavy Duty Barrel Bolt
Our Price: $12.99

World's first adjustable catch bolt lock, Ajustco's 6'' Heavy Duty Barrel Bolt Lock is useful for large metal doors, household front door locks, backyard sheds and outdoor gate locks.
Great Grips Door Knob Cover, 2pk
Our Price: $17.99

Opening Doors Just Got Easier

Round doorknobs can be difficult and painful to open for seniors, arthritis sufferers, children, and people with disabilities.

Great Grips make opening doors an easy task! Great Grips are made of a soft, latex-free material and are designed so anyone can turn a doorknob with a finger, elbow or closed fist. Glow-in-the-Dark options make it easier to find the door at night or in an emergency.
Each pkg contains 2 door knob covers.

Stainless Steel Cap for Sliding Glass Patio Door
Our Price: $19.95

8 foot stainless steel. Fits 6 or 8 foot sliding patio doors. Snaps right over the track the door slides on.
The Door Guardian
Our Price: $20.99

Childproofing lock for inward swinging doors, giving you peace of mind for your family. Great for apartments, school dorm, no key needed.

Dual Function Door Security Bar
Our Price: $27.99

For hinged doors or 5´ and 6´ glass doors. Rugged 20-gauge steel construction. Pivoting ball joint assures full contact with floor. Padded foot provides sure grip without scratching. Lifetime guarantee. Finish is white baked enamel.

Masterlock Dual Function Door Security Bar
Our Price: $28.99

Ideal for home or apartment student dorms and travel. Goes from 27.5 to 44.5 inches

Door Devil Anti-Kick Upgrade Kit
Our Price: $74.99

Stop Burglars. Reinforce your entire doorway in 30 minutes. The most critical weakness is the door frame (door jamb).  This is the point most likely to fail if not reinforced. The 2nd critical point is the area on the door itself hollowed out to accommodate the door hardware. The third area to fortify is the Hinge side of the door. This upgrade kit comes with everything to fortify all 3 critical weak area for your door.