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Creme Brulee
Our Price: $21.50
New Orleans
Our Price: $21.50
Orange Cinnamon
Our Price: $21.50
First, there’s a noise. The crack as the spoon breaks the thin crust of caramelised sugar to reveal the smooth creamy yellow beneath. This releases a smell like no other, both subtle and sensual: the sweetness of the slowly simmered milk, the fleshy fruitiness of the vanilla, the luxurious sugariness of the caramel. Then and only then, once your nose has flirted for long enough with the promise of physical pleasure, comes the tasting: the very slight bitterness of almond spreading over your taste buds, the velvety feel of cream rolling over your tongue. Crème brûlée is not just a dessert. It’s almost a sin. 500 ml A deliciously gourmet fragrance with fruity and sweet accents, enhanced by a hint of cinnamon. 500 ml A perfume in which fresh citrus sets off a harmonious blend of spices and candied fruits. The intensity of this blend is upheld by a base combining the purity of white musk with the sweetness of amber, and sandalwood.500 ml
Savory Apple Tart
Our Price: $21.50
Vanilla Gourmet
Our Price: $21.50

A sheer delight calling to mind the sweet and fruity perfume of apple tart that is still warm.

An olfactory concoction that is unique and delicious, a fragrance with the taste of childhood.  500 ml

A cocktail of delicious notes bringing to mind all the richness of a newly split vanilla pod, with soft sweet notes (rum, star anise), a voluptuous centre (Bourbon vanilla pods) and an almondy chocolate base (cocoa and Tonka beans). 500 ml