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Johnnie Chuoke's Home And Hardware
2361 NW Military Hwy
San Antonio, TX 78231

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Frugal Flush Flapper Mildew Free Sealant
Frugal Flush Flapper
Our Price: $8.99 Johnnie's Favorites
Mildew Free Sealant
Our Price: $8.99 Johnnie's Favorites
Little Big Shot® Super Nozzle Shoo Fly Screen & Surface Insect Spray (new packaging)
Mosquito Beater Granules Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish--1 gallon
Mosquito Beater Granules
Our Price: $17.99
Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish--1 gallon
Our Price: $42.99 Johnnie's Favorites
De-Solv It, 32 oz. Anywhere Light (Light It Up!)
De-Solv It, 32 oz.
Our Price: $13.99
Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Quick Shine Concentrated Deep Cleaner
Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner
Our Price: $9.99 Johnnie's Favorites

For 50 years, Johnnie Chuoke’s Home & Hardware has prided itself on the fact that it is a truly service-oriented, family-owned and -operated business that can meet the needs of its community as no other company can. Our products and services are just as beneficial to the novice starting a first project, as they are to the experienced contractor looking for a reliable and timely supplier. We have the products you are looking for as well as the advice you need.

Top Sellers

Instant Power Disposal Freshener & Cleaner
Our Price: $8.99
Air Sponge - 1 pound--$10.99
Our Price: $10.99 Johnnie's Favorites