A New Stain- Zar

I can't tell you how many people ask me....when are you going to retire? Why would I retire, when I love what I do? Helping people do what they want to do around the house, is really what keeps me excited everyday. Some of the ways that I find ideas to write about is to go to the hardware shows. I go to about 4 a year. The last one was in Indianapolis. It was the Do It Best show. They are some of the best people to do business with. While I was in Indianapolis, I looked especially for a new stain line. One that would be easy for the DIY. I get so many questions about faded front doors, and I wanted a stain that would be easy to use and be durable. And I found one! It's called Zar Stains. And here is why it caught my attention. At the booth there was a door that had been cut in half. And he was staining ...a fiberglass door. A fiberglass door? Wow, and he made it look so easy, and it was. I figure if he could stain a fiberglass door and it looked great, what could he do with wood? The stain he was using is a gel stain. I was amazed that he could stain a primed fiberglass door and make it look like wood. He just took a white towel rag and dipped it into the gel stain and just wiped it across the door. That's it! In about 10 minutes he did the whole door and it looked great! After you stain the door then you use a varnish and Zar has a good line. They make a water based exterior polyurethane. This product is formulated exclusively for exterior wood surfaces because it contains ultraviolet radiation absorbers and antioxidants. It's the ideal choice for all exterior surfaces that need a clear protective coating such a siding, gables and patio furniture and steel and fiberglass entry doors. If you have a painted door, just prime the door a water based primer (Coronado Grip and Seal) and then when it's dry apply the stain. So if you have some metal furniture, wood furniture, or fiberglass furniture you can have that great looking stained and varnished look. Remember use the Zar water based polyurethane over the stain and put at least 3 coats to make it last much longer. Polyurethane is not like paint, you don't shake it, just stir it. Lightly sand between coats using fine garnet paper, 220 grit and use a tact cloth after sanding. Don't sand your final coat.

Now to the email

Question: I have a few rust stains in my washing machine. Is there a product I can put in the washing machine to get rid of them?

Answer: The product to use is Iron Out. Just add the product to a empty washing machine and put it on a full cycle. No more stains.

Question: We have a brown stain that looks like rust on the toilet right at the water line. No matter what I scrub with or use to clean with – it doesn't budge. I am hoping you have a miracle product.

Answer: It's worked miracles for me for 30 years. Delete Germ is a toilet bowl clean and a disinfectant. First used in hospitals for cleaning the bathrooms, it was made by a chemical company that later marketed it to the retail sector. Put the Delete Germ around the water line and just leave it alone to work for 24 hours if you can. Then just use your stiff toilet bowl brush and clean away. Unlike most toilet bowl cleaners, Delete Germ has a pleasant smell and can be used on ceramic tile to remove soap scum, and on glass shower doors to clean off lime deposits. It's the best toilet bowl cleaner ever.

Question: Johnnie I have Ghost Ants. Does the Shoo Fly take care of those kind of ants also?

Answer: Ghost Ants are hard to track because they have a white/clear body and are hard to see. But yes Shoo Fly will take care of any ant. They all walk and so if they walk across the Shoo Fly, they are history. Just spray all the entry ways, around the window sills, and the toe kick of the cabinets. It's completely safe around children and pets as soon as it's dry. It dries in 20 minutes.