The Best Of Johnnie Chuoke

Probably 35 years ago I wrote a article that went into the San Antonio Light. Customers would come into the stores and be holding a file that they collected of the articles. The gentleman that helped me get the article started, saw that one day and looked at me and said that I needed to write a book. I never laughed so hard in my life! Write a book? He had to be kidding! Well I wrote that book and nine more. We are on our 10th book. Sometimes I find it hard to believe. I really enjoy helping people with their projects around the house and when it's a new question, it always makes the book. Maybe your question has made the book, and helped others with their project. I never think a question is unimportant because if you have that problem, other homeowners do too. I never make you guess what product to use. I will tell you the exact name. I will explain how to use the product and usually the price. The price of the book has been kept down to $10. We changed the binding this last time and made it spiral bound. It seems to be easier to read, plus we added a bunch of blank pages for your notes. The book can literally save you $100's of dollars with just one tip. If you have your AC man come out and he cleans your AC coil, it will cost your over a $100.00. But when you read the book, you will find out you can clean the coil yourself with a product called K.O. Dirt Blaster. The price is $12 a can. It might take you 5 minutes, and that includes going to get the K.O. Dirt Blaster out of the garage! You just spray the coils, the dirt melts off, and that's it! No rinsing. Everyone has had a small crack in the walls of the house. In San Antonio, it's a given. And we used to have to tape and float, and sand and wait for mud to dry....but if you read the book you will find out about Good Bye Cracks. It's a flexible spray, that will move so that if the crack in the wall closes and opens back up don't have to fix it again. Paint over it with a good flexible paint and you are good to go. What about a smell in the house? Maybe your sweet pet keeps leaving you love notes – in the same area. You clean and think that's that. But you pet can still smell that. So you need to use a product that neutralizes a odor. And that's what Bio Zapp does. You spray it on the carpet, or tile and really soak it. It's clear and looks like water and won't stain any carpet materials. That will take care of any odor. And if the odor is in the air, you need a Air Sponge. The Air Sponge story is a good one, aww...but for another time.

The Best of Johnnie Chuoke is a great stocking stuffer, or if you are a realtor it makes a good gift for the new homeowners. And if you don't see your question in the book.....well I am just a email away! Have a great Thanks Giving with your friends and family....The Chuoke's, Lesage's and Fields family are very grateful for our readers and wish you a great and loving holiday.

Now to the email....

Question: I always read about people re-finishing their front door. And it's a stained door. But my door is a painted door. Is there a easy way to make my door look like a stained wood door now? Or do I always have to paint it?

Answer: Now if you had asked me that question a few years ago...I would have said – you have to paint. But boy have they made progress on the gel stains. And a gel stain will go over the paint, and look like a stained door. Just use a 300 grit garnet paper, wipe off the dust with a tact cloth and then start staining. The gel stains are more heavy -bodied than just regular wood stains. Use a Zar Oil based stain. Then all you have to do is varnish with a good outdoor varnish or polyurethane. Zar does that too.