Rengency Fans

A few years ago, Trudy and I did a radio show and had our ceiling fan rep Jeff, on the show with us. It was in the heat of the summer and we really got a lot of callers interested in a good ceiling fan. We were of course selling Regency. After the show this lady was standing underneath our ceiling fan display and really remarked about how much more air she felt from the Regency fans vs her ceiling fan. She looked at Jeff and said that her fan was 20 years old and it still turned fast but she couldn't feel any air! Jeff laughed and said I know where you got that fan! You got it from Payless Cashway and that fan only has a 3 degree pitch on the blade. He also said that it will always turn, but you won't feel any air, ever. She looked at him and said....your right, how did you know that? Ok...I was really impressed with that rep for him to know that. But you know, even thought it's great to have a knowledgeable's more important to have a good ceiling fan in South Texas. Can you imagine how hot you would be in your home without ceiling fans? And that's why I like Regency. All of the fans have a pitch from 12 degree to 18 degree on the blade so that you get a “wind chill” that keeps you cooler than what the thermostat says on the AC. The other night our AC went out...(why does it always happen at night?) and though it is got pretty warm in the house quickly. I put the ceiling fan that is above our bed to the 3rd speed and we stayed cool.

And when you are looking at a ceiling's not the decor, or the light-kit that should make your decision on a ceiling fan. It should say right on the box what degree of pitch is on the blade....and if it doesn't...don't buy it. Not all fans are the same! And a beautiful fan that is not putting out air....won't be that good looking...if you are hot!

Now to the email.....

Question: I have a water heater up in the attic. And if it would start leaking, how would I know until it was too late? I think I remember you writing about some kind of alarm that you can put next to a toilet and kitchen sink. Was I dreaming?

Answer: No you are not dreaming. I found this alarm last year and I have one behind each toilet and the kitchen sink. I have my water heater in the garage an its a couple of feet lower than the slab, so that's not a issue. The alarm is called Leak Alert. It cost less than $20. But it could save you thousands.

Question: What's the best product to seal a roof? I have a couple of shingles that are leaking and I am not ready to replace the roof. My neighbor used that black tar stuff and it only lasted a year and looked just awful on his roof. Any suggestion?

Answer: The newest product is called Through the Roof. It's a clear sealant guaranteed to last 10 years and comes in a brushable quart or gallon. It also comes in a caulking tube for areas around the chimney. Since it's clear you never see it. It can also be applied to a wet surface.

Question: I have a fiberglass bathtub. I want the right product to use to clean it. I know if I'm not careful I can ruin it. It's a new bubble tub and I really like it. They gave me something to clean it with but I lost it. Can you help?

Answer: The product is called Bring It On.

Question: I am trying to sell my home. I have a few cracks in the mortar between the bricks. I want to do it myself, but I dont want it to look like it. HA - do you know of a product that does that? Looks professional but can be done by a novice?

Answer: This is a easy DIY job, use a product called More Flex. It comes in two colors that match any of the mortar used in brick and stone facades. The great part is that it stays flexible so it will not open up again.