Sliding with Ease

Many of us have older homes with large, heavy sliding glass doors. That are doing much sliding anymore. Replacing those doors can be expensive. So before you think about replacement of that door I want you to try a lubricant that is like no other. Tri Flow is a great lubricant that is like liquid ball bearings in a spray can. But first, clean that track with paint thinner on a rag. Get off any dirt and dust. Then spray the track with Tri Flow. Open the door and spray and work the door back and forth ...then spray a little more and work the Tri Flow farther down the track. You may have to spray the rollers too. Tri Flow is not like any oil lubricant so it does not collect dust like other lubricants. (Which is some of the problem) The aluminum track that the door slides on is soft..and may have gotten bent. There is a small stainless steel cap that can go over the track so that the rollers have a straight track to roll over. It only costs about $10 . That is a lot cheaper than replacing the track. Tri Flow can also be used on garage door tracks to keep your door opening and closing without jumping and stopping. It will add years to the opener. Tri Flow can be used on padlocks that are weathered, so that you don't break the key off.

Now to the email....

Question: I follow your weekly article in the newspaper in Bellaire. Your article is so informative you have such simple easy answers for house hold problems. Now to my problem...I seemed to have developed a roof leak. Just noticed the brown stains in the sheet rock ceiling. I looked at the roof and no shingles seem to be missing. My guess is that one or two asphalt shingles have cracked and that is why the water is penetrating. Should I just get that black tar and spread it around in case it rains again? And it will give me some time to find a roofer. Since we are on the subject....what do you think about electric roof vents? Would they save me on my utility bills?

Answer: There is a product that has been made just for you. Through The Roof is a clear roof sealant that you can either brush on, or apply with a caulking gun. The brush-able is perfect for the shingles. Just get it in the general area of where you are seeing the leak, and start brushing it on. You can even apply it when the shingles are wet. The caulking is great for around fireplaces and valleys. The Through The Roof is warrantied for 10 years. That should give you a little time to find that roofer. As far as using a power vent, it really won't save you as much as making sure that all the eve vents are open and you have a couple of turbines.

Question: A friend suggested asking you for help. Around 6 years ago I selected a 18 inch ceramic floor tile to replace all the flooring in my home except for the bedroom. I love the look, however if the tile gets wet, is is extremely slick. Whether it's a wet tennis shoe or just unseen spilled liquid...the floor is dangerous and I have slipped and almost fell twice. I have learned to walk cautiously. I have rugs in certain areas but there is lots of open space that is not covered. Is there anything I can do to help cut down on how slippery this tile is. The last thing I want to do is demo up this tile and put down another floor. But I am getting up in age and wondering about future hazards. Any help you could give me would be appreciated.

Answer: About 7 years ago we were in Chicago at the last National Hardware Show that was hosted there. I ran into a gentleman and his son that were showing a product called Grip On. Grip On is for ceramic, marble and porcelain tile floors. You can also use it in a porcelain tub. Grip On is a liquid that you simply sponge on and agitate, let set for a few minutes and then rinse. The floor will be slip proof. This does not leave a grainy feel to the floor. They had been selling the Grip On to national hotels for all the marble floors that are usually in the entry way. Applying Grip On had saved them from customers falling if the floors were damp. It will do the same for you. If you can't find it me at the store. There is no need to fall!