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Multi-Purpose Products

Multi- Purpose Products

I like products that do double duty,like clean and protect, preserve and enhance, maintain and restore. It seems like you are getting two products for the price of one plus spending less time on a project.  I receive so many questions about replacing grout around the shower floor or tub surround that is plagued with mildew.  Most readers want to know what to re-grout with and then how to keep the mildew from coming back.  That sounds like its two steps, but it is one product that can do both!  Sashco makes
Mildew Free Sealant that is a grout, and it will stay mildew free for seven years!  So for the next seven years …cleaning mildew off the shower floor will not be on your agenda.  

Remove your existing grout first.  You can NOT apply grout on top of your existing grout.  If your grout is a silicone product, use Contractors Desolv It and a utility knife.  Slice the top and the bottom and the middle of your silicon with the utility knife.  Spray Contractors DeSolv It and let it work for a little bit.  Contractors Desolv It will make the silicone release and then you can pull it away from the tile.  Clean away all the silicone, and then wipe it down with alcohol to remove any trace of silicone.  If you have sanded grout you will need to use a grout saw and elbow grease.  

Once all grout is removed, then apply Mildew Free Sealant.  If you will cut the tip of the tube smaller than what you think you need, that will probably be the right width.  Put some liquid soap on your finger to smooth out the bead when you are applying the sealant and it will look professional.   I did this project in my shower and it was so worth it.  I took my time, and when I got tired, I walked away from it for a minute.   I sealed the tile so that no water causes damage, AND I will not be cleaning off mildew  ….well not for seven years!

Now to the email…..  

Question:  I have hazing and fogging in windows.  Since I am not the original owner of the house the windows have no warranty.  I just had a bid on replacing the windows and it’s just not something that I want to do.  Is there any other recourse that replacing the window?

Answer:  Call a local reputable glass company and have them come out and replace the glass.  The window company will not do that, they sell windows.  I think you will like the bid you get from the glass company much better than replacement window.

Question:  My Corian kitchen counters are 17 years old and still look almost like new.  However I was wondering if there was a way to polish them to give them the extra shine that they used to have.  I just want to see if this is something that I can do myself instead of calling a Corian professional.  

Answer:  Granite Gold makes a polish that enhances shine and luster to granite, marble and all other natural-stone and quartz surfaces like your Corian.  Just spray on a clean counter top and buff with a dry paper towel or lint free cloth. Wipe completely dry with a paper towel or cloth.  Granite Gold makesa daily cleaner that you can also use.  

Question:  My sweet mom moved into her new place.  When she pulls into the garage she is bumping the wall because the dimension of her new garage is not like her older, muchbigger garage.  This is very frustrating to her and I want to help her get the hang of the new garage, without driving through it. (ha)

Answer:  The Parking Target applied to the garage floor will do the trick.  Line up the car and place the target right in front of her tire.  It has a slightly raised shaped and she will fell the bump as she rolls up to it.  I put one on mygarage floor so I have room to walk in front my car.  They are helpful when you need to park two cars in the garage, and have limited room.