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After the Storm

This article has been so hard to write. I stare at my keyboard and just ask myself, what can you possibly do to help with weather and flooding that has touched many Houston readers? My family has been through floods before. When living at the lake it’s just something that you know will happen; not if it will happen. Cleaning up after a flood is hard. It’s exhausting physically, and emotionally. And I don’t want to make “light” of what some of my readers might be up against. But I will share what you can do, based off my experience.

If you have furniture that got wet from flooding it’s helpful to clean it as quickly as you can to minimize damage, especially if it’s wood furniture. Clean off all mud and debris and then clean all of the furniture with a waterless cleaner like Fine Wood Cleaner made by Holloway House. Your furniture will look better immediately. Next, you want to apply Howards Feed and Wax, which will put moisture back into the wood that the flood water will dry out. And don’t be discouraged if you need to apply the Feed and Wax over and over again as time goes on. I worked on furniture for probably 6 months after a flood trying to restore the moisture back into the wood. Now if you have some discoloration from a water line on the furniture, use the Restor a Finish by Howards, first. This too might take several coats to cover up the stain. Use soft rags on your furniture; this is not the time to use anything like steel wool. Treat your kitchen and bathroom cabinetry exactly the same way.

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Cleaning tile floors is easy. But it just takes a lot of cleaning. Use a degreaser like Holy Cow in the concentrated formula. You can dilute it and use it on a multitude of surfaces. Ovens, bathrooms, kitchens, floors really almost any surface can be safely cleaned with Holy Cow. If you have ceramic tile in the bathroom shower and a porcelain tub, clean and disinfect all at the same time with Delete Germ. It’s a mild acid that was originally made for hospital bathrooms that had to germ free along with clean smelling. Wearing gloves clean with a scrubby sponge, and then rinse completely.

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Odor will become a problem because of the moisture. Use Air Sponges all over the house to clean the air of a mildew smell. Just open them up and if the odor is strong, turn your Air Sponge upside down and expose 75% of the product. It will “shock” the air and all you will smell is a light soap fragrance. You can place them behind the return air vent and every time the AC fan comes on it will take this clean air smell all over the house.

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Bio Zapp is also an odor neutralizer that is made for surfaces like flooring, carpeting, upholstery, cabinetry, (wood furniture) and walls. If you pull carpeting up, wash down the concrete slab and stop the odor before laying down anything new.

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If your roof is leaking, Through the Roof can be applied to a wet surface and will last ten years. You might be waiting on a roofer, and for leaks….Through the Roof will hold you over until you can replace your roof.

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Speaking of moisture, open everything up and try and dry out as soon as you can. If you start to get a surface mildew under the cabinets, spray it with bleach based cleaner like Zep Mold and Mildew Stain Remover and let it dry.

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Bugs and mosquitoes will populate in any standing water. You can us Mosquito Dunks in bird baths, fountains and yes they are safe for the animals. Mosquito Beater is a spray that you can attach to the hose to spray the yard and it also comes in a granule that you can shake into flower beds and foliage. And then there is Shoo Fly Screen and Surface. Spray it on walls, screens, outdoor lights, doorways…it too is safe as soon as it’s dry.

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You can do this!! My number at the store is 210-341-1573 and the email is If you have any questions, I am always at the store.