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Restor A Finish

I did a segment on TV last year, and it was called “Restore, Don’t Re Finish.”  It was all about taking a shortcut to restore the original beauty of your cabinetry. By the time you read this, it will be Thanksgiving and only four weeks before Christmas, and the last thing you need is to have your kitchen in an uproar!  I mean, you have Christmas
shopping to do!

Do your cabinets look dull, lack the deep color that they did when they were new?  Have they discolored around the sink and where the knobs and pulls are located? We used to tell customers that to refinish cabinets, it was a three- step process… strip, stain, varnish. If you have a large kitchen, and you do it yourself, it’s a very long process.  But you don’t have to do that!   With Restor A Finish you can revive and restore the original color of the cabinets in one step without removing the varnish.  If you can dust your cabinets, you have all the skill needed to restore your cabinets.  It’s a simple wipe on and then wipe off to make your cabinets look refreshed.  Restor A Finish will simply blend away surface scratches, white rings, fading, and dulling …penetrating through the existing finish.

After you restore the color of your cabinets, apply Feed and Wax to preserve the color. (wait 30 minutes) If your cabinets just look dull, a quick coat of just
Feed and Wax will bring the patina back into the wood.  Restor A Finish comes in nine colors, and if the color is not perfect don’t worry, Restor A Finish is very forgiving.  If a contractor has looked at your cabinets and said they needed stripping, just try Restor A Finish first!  

I am giving thanks at this time of the year for my supportive family,
for new opportunities and for the chance to get to talk to you each week.  If you have family over for this special time
– remember share the last piece of pumpkin pie!

Now to the email…..

Question:  We just moved into a home that has granite.  I was so excited about having granite that I didn’t notice that it didn’t shine.  So I am wondering if there is anything that I can apply to the granite or will it require that I call a pro?

Answer:  Granite Gold has a polish that will provide a beautiful shine to your granite.  First, clean your granite with their daily cleaner and then seal your granite.  I just had granite installed this summer, and thoughtlessly I didn’t seal the granite.  You can’t seal your granite too much, and it is very easy.  Just spray on, wipe down, and buff dry.  That’s it!  Once you clean, and seal then you can polish.  And I promise it will add a beautiful shine.

Question:  We had somehigh winds recently, and a limb fell into my gutter and put a hole in it thesize of a silver dollar.  What can Ipatch it with that will hold up?

Answer:  There is a patch that is normally used for sheetrock called Fibatape.  Fibatape has adhesive on one side that youare going to apply over the hole.  After it cures, brush on Through the Roof covering your patch and extending past the repair.  This will keep your gutter watertight.

Question:  We have a rug in our home that is slippery.  My wife and I know how to step on it, so we don’t go flying.  But the other day my neighbor walked in and nearly hit the floor.  Tell me what I can apply to this rug, so it is safe for everyone that comes over.

Answer:  There is a product called Fiber-Lok that you brush on like paint.   It will give the rug a backing so that the rug will stay put on your floor. It’s
especially useful for bathroom rugs that you wash and dry and the rubber backing has peeled off.  If you don’t want to paint the back of your rug, use Rug Gripper tape.  You can put it on the back of the rug, place your rug on the floor and it will stay secure.  The nice part about Rug Gripper tape is that it DOES NOT leave a sticky residue on the floor.