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Light It Outside Lights

Last night I put up my suitcase and breathed a sigh of relief. Three trips in a matter of six weeks is enough to make me long to eat a sandwich at home and sleep in my own bed. But the benefits of these trips outweigh the inconveniences of living out of a suitcase and chasing a connecting flight, by a long shot. I love looking at new products and wondering how much it might make my life easier and yours too.

Do you take out the trash late like I do? My house has an alleyway, and the street light is far away, so it’s dark. It would be nice to have a light that would come on and light my way. Something easy to install that didn’t require an electrician? Light It Wireless Porch Light is the answer. It is a LED that is ultra bright, glare-free and it has a wide beam, just like a flood light. I love the installation. All you need is a screwdriver and the two screws that come with the light. Just slide the backplate off, and then you can use it for placement. Light It Wireless Porch Light requires four C batteries, and it is motion activated and doesn’t stay on constantly so your batteries should last a long time.

Light It is excellent for dark alleys, decks, sheds, porches, and fences anywhere you need light outdoors for your safety. If you don’t think that you can attach Light It with the screws, Velcro makes an extreme outdoor strip that will hold up to 15lbs and is weatherproof. The Light It is completely weatherproof, adjustable and comes in three colors. Light It retails for under $25 add your batteries and you can have a light source for $30.

Now to the email…

Question: I enjoy reading your weekly home improvement column in the Houston Chronicle. I have a dilemma and hope you can provide me with some advice on how to resolve it. The problem started with Harvey when our home was flooded for approximately 15-18 hours. As a result, the majority of the red bricks on the front and back porch have a chalky white appearance. I've had both porches power-washed twice with little to no result. I was wondering if there is a product out there that can restore the brick to its original color.
Answer: I think I have an answer for you. Acid Magic cleans off water stains on masonry, and I know it will work for you. Acid Magic is a muriatic acid in every sense, but it’s buffered. So that means, it has 90% less fumes and does not burn on contact but wow will it clean. Dampen the brick, spray on the Acid Magic and then give it a scrub with a plastic bristle brush. When you spray it on it will foam up right away. Let it work, and then rinse it off. Now you might have to do this a few times if that moisture is coming from up under the bricks. But it will remove the haze. Great question and good luck!

Question: I have a stucco house which has developed a couple of 15-inch vertical cracks at two corners of the house. What can I do to seal the cracks? Thanks
Answer: Sascho Sealants has caulking called More Flex, and it’s the perfect product to use in your situation. It has a textured finish and is easy to apply. It will blend in for a seamless repair. It will stay soft and flexible and will take paint like a pro, and cleans up with water.

Question: I inherited a box of vintage stainless. It was packed up for years and it is so dirty and stained. I am willing to polish, but which polish will be easier? And is there a polish that is not stinky? Some of the polishes have an awful smell.
Answer: There is a metal polish called Noxon, and it works on stainless, aluminum, chrome, pewter, brass, bronze and copper. It’s one of the few polishes that will work on aluminum clad windows. As far as odor, it’s not bad…. work in a ventilated area.