Cultured Marble vs Natural Stone Marble

I was emailed this question during the week. I want to share it with you because it comes up all the time. Cultured marble counter tops are installed all the time in homes, BUT they are not natural stone marble tops. They will hold up well but just need to be cleaned differently from natural stone surfaces.

I read your column a lot and really enjoy all your helpful tips. Here is one for you, and I hope you can help us out. We recently moved into our new home built in 2015, (we are the second owner) and my husband decided to clean his sink area with Lysol bathroom cleaner. You guessed it; in small print it says it contains citric acid. Consequently, it etched the marble around the sink, ruined it. We called the builder, and he sent over a worker that sanded and buffed several times and it looked “ok.” However, the surface has lost its shine, and really does show water spots. Can you help us, short of replacing with granite? Why would any builder place porous marble in the bathroom as countertops? Your suggestions please!!!!!!!

As you can guess, there is no miracle product that I know of that works. There are some paint products that you could possible coat on the etched area and protect it from further damage. But there is no way to restore the gel coating on cultured marble. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. So how do you care for cultured marble? It’s easy and inexpensive….. It’s an old product called Gel Gloss. The original Gel-Gloss is a cream wax polish that you can use on laminate, cultured marble, and other artificial non- porous surfaces to clean, protect, and shine. It will clean off soap scum and hard water deposits while producing a high surface shine. You can use it on faucets to leave a finish that will resist water spots. It comes in an aerosol and a creamy wax. I think the wax works the best.

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But what do you use if you have a natural stone surface? Granite Gold makes a trio of a daily cleaner, sealer and polisher that will be all you need for granite, marble, quartz, and other natural stones. And it is as simple to use ….spray, and wipe dry.

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Just a side note…cultured marble is a widely used surface. It’s inexpensive compared to natural stone and comes in so many colors and patterns. If you clean and protect it with Gel Gloss it will hold up for many years.

Now to the email...
Question: What do you recommend for cleaning the grout on bathroom and kitchen floors? The grout in the bathrooms is white and the tile white and the kitchen floor is white tile with black grout. What method do you recommend to clean the grout? Should I use a stiff brush, soft brush, clean cloth or something else? Any other suggestion(s) are most appreciated.
Answer: The best grout cleaner for grout on ceramic tile is Deep Klenz. It removes tough deep inset dirt, grime and soils. It’s safe on stone and will not etch. It will prepare the grout for re-sealing, and it’s in a convenient, ready to use formula. Use a wallpaper brush to clean so that you can clean three feet at a time instead of a few inches using a toothbrush. Clean and then mop. After you finish cleaning, seal your grout with Stonetech Advanced Grout Sealer. It provides the maximum protection against staining.It preserves the natural look of the grout and can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s made for cement- based grout.

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Question: Trudy: I recall that at one time you mentioned that your dad had published a book containing information on many subjects and products he wrote about and that you have since updated it. Can I order on your website?
Answer: The Best of Johnnie Chuoke Vol 11 is available now on the website, or for your convenience you may call the store in San Antonio. It’s a great book filled with tips and products for maintenance around the house. This is the first book to have an index so that you can find answers to your questions easily. It makes great gift for Christmas.
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