Chemical free Cleaning with E-Cloth

We just finished up a bathroom remodel at our store in San Antonio. Everyone loved the idea of a new beautiful bathroom, but NO ONE liked the dust that went down the hallway to the break room. The last thing I wanted to do was to mop and rinse the floor every night for the last week and a half. I wanted to clean quickly and without any big mop.

There is nothing easier and faster than cleaning with E-Cloth. It’s perfect cleaning with just water. I attached a dampened general purpose E-Cloth to a Swiffer mop head and cleaned the hallway each afternoon which took about five minutes and removed all the dust from the construction that day. E-Cloth cleans so well and does not require any chemicals. I know it seems impossible to clean without using any chemicals, but it’s the way that the E-Cloth fibers are made. E-Cloth traps instead of just pushing dirt around. Then when you mop, you don’t have to rinse because there is no chemical residual left behind, only a clean, polished surface.

You can clean anything with E-Cloth. They have specialized cloths for glass, stainless, dusting, windows, range, stovetop, and a general purpose. And if you have a sensitivity to chemicals, E-Cloth will be perfect for you. Not only will you get a spot free clean, but E-Cloth will remove 99% of bacteria on hard surfaces. E-Cloth is re-useable and not a throwaway. Guaranteed for 300 machine washes, E-Cloth can last for five years.

Now to the email……

Question: Our shower floor seems to be losing its ability to remain slip-proof. I’ve noticed some spots are somewhat slippery. What would you advise to use on the surface to slip-proof it? Is there a clear spray that works?

Answer: Since this is a ceramic tile floor, I want you to clean it first. Use Delete Germ full strength and a 3M scrubby sponge. Apply a stream of Delete Germ and start cleaning. Then rinse thoroughly. See if the surface is still slippery. Dry the tile. There are self- stick treads that work well in tubs and showers and will give you traction. There is a brand called “Invisatread,” that is available online. There is more work involved in applying the product, but it has good reviews. For my money, I would apply the self- stick treads. They are made by Magic, and you get 12 treads for under $7.00.

Question: I recall that quite some time ago, you recommended using something called "Sun" oil to use on wooden doors that had been exposed to weather. Is my memory correct and where can I find the product? I need something that I can do myself without stripping and restoring. Thank you so much for all you do for us "home repairers."
Answer: The product you are talking about is Howard’s Sun Shield. It will take a dry, dull door and bring back the color and protect it from damaging UV rays. Clean your door and remove all the dust and grime by washing it down with soap and water. Let dry. Take a soft rag and apply a fifty cent piece size to the cloth and start wiping down your door. If the door is extremely dry, you might want to do it twice. This process will work on wood and fiberglass doors.

Question: I am getting new Anderson windows like my neighbor. His windows are difficult to open and close. So we wondered if there's something to spray track with for easier sliding. I told him to use silicone. What do you think? Thanks.
Answer: His windows might be stiff at first. There is a spray called Tri-Flow that you can apply to the rails of the window that will make it easier to move. Use the little straw that is attached and give it a quick spray into side rails, and then move the window up and down. It will make the window easier to move. Now when you have your windows installed, make sure that you can easily open and close your windows. They can make adjustments. Don’t pay them until you are happy with your windows. Once they leave, it will be hard to get them back. Enjoy your new windows and lower utility bills!