The Three M’s

W hile watching the news the other night, the weatherman said we were in store for more rain that will produce “The Three M’s.” Mold, mosquitoes, and mushrooms.Well, I laughed, but I am ready for the rain to end and get into some cooler weather.

If you are having mold build up on parts of the house, there is a simple way to wash it away. Instead of using straight bleach because it’s too harsh for your exterior paint, use 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner instead.You won’t need to scrub. Just spray it on, let it work , and then rinse with clear water.It will not harm your landscaping because you flood the area with water. I like 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner because it comes in a concentrated gallon that is very economical or in a quart size, ready to use for smaller jobs.

If mildew is a constant problem for you, try a product that guarantees to keep the house mildew free for 18 months. Zep Clear Shell is a byproduct of the crabbing industry and creates a barrier that mold will not grow on. It’s is to be used outdoors only

.And those mosquitoes; spray the yard with Mosquito Beater and remove any standing water.

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to the email……

Question:Hi my name is Donna, and I inherited a beautiful dining table from my parents. I am thinking of refinishing the table and staining it a color that will go with my other furniture. I was also told it is a white cedar table. Do you have any suggestions on what I should use for a stain and a varnish? Now, remember I am just a novice and not a professional.

Answer:I am so glad you contacted me before you even started. There is an easy way to remove the finish on your table, in fact you could even strip this table inside your house where it dry and cool. Place a drop cloth under the table so that no surface underneath the table will be damaged. Brush on Blue Bear Soy Gel paint remover about a ¼ of an inch thick over your tabletop. Brush in one direction, not back and forth. Now here is the great part….there is no smell, no caustic fumes, no need to wear gloves. Blue Bear Remover is made from soybeans, and it is the friendliest stripper you will ever use. It’s just not the quickest.Give your project several hours and then go and push back the remover in the corner of the table, and give it a look. If the varnish has released, then start scraping off the rest of the stripper then you can throw it in a paint bucket stir it up and re-use it on the legs of the table. Once all the finish is off, lightly sand and use a tack cloth to remove any dust. Now you can stain.You will have to select a stain darker in color than the original stain. Apply the stain with a soft rag. I would use stain made by Zar. Put a clear varnish finish on the table for protection. I like Varathane. Apply two coats, sanding between coats. Some professional finishers will use semi-gloss finish first, sand, and then apply a satin finish. It gives a very professional look that they call “depth of feel.”

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Question:Heeeelp! I need a proven stain remover.The bottom of my tub has calcium brown stain that looks like a shoe's sole or a paramecium. I have tried some of everything, to no avail.

Answer:A long time ago, my dad told this story about a young man that visited his girlfriend in Austin. She had a tub that they thought would have to be replaced because it looked so bad. Dad gave him a bottle of Delete Germ and told him to clean the tub using a scrubby sponge. The customer called the radio show the next weekend and raved about how great the tub turned out, and they didn’t have to change out the tub. You can do the same thing!Pour a stream of Delete Germ on half of the tub, and clean. Rinse completely and then start on the second half of the tub. Rinse thoroughly! Your tub will be stain free!

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