Cabinet Refresh the Easy Way

This week I am going to the Do It Best show in Indianapolis. The weather will be a perfect 62 to 70 degrees and NO RAIN. It’ a great time to look at new items to tell you about. And we have been working hard at the store to move things around, so I can find more room to bring in more products.
Last week I was working on an aisle that we call “The Johnnie Aisle”. And as you can guess it’s filled with items that Dad found over the years and that we continue to add to. One of my favorite items made by Howard’s is called Restor-A-Finish. It still is the only product on the market that will restore the stain on your cabinets without removing the varnish. Apply Restor-A-Finish to the cabinet doors with a soft cloth and wipe in one direction. Any discoloration will be blended away, and a restored color will be left. Let it dry, and if you need additional color you can apply another coat.

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If you have water stains around the sink, or if the sun has bleached out the color in the cabinets, restore the wood instead of refinishing. Howard’s has another great product called Feed-N-Wax. Just applying a light coat of Feed and Wax can deepen the color of the wood and bring out the beauty of the original cabinet. Any nicks or abrasions in the wood can be disguised by using a little putty stick called Finish Fixer. This little magic wand is the best putty stick I have ever used. It’s soft enough to fill in the smallest scuff mark or abrasion but firm enough to withstand buffing.

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There is another product that is a wonderful cleaner called Wood Cleaner for Fine Wood. It will gently dissolve wax build-up and remove dirt, cooking grease, smoke and body oils that can darken and soften the wood finish. Apply to wood surface with a clean soft cloth. It’s a natural cleaner, completely water-free, and scented with coconut.

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All these products are for stained wood finishes. You can use all of them on furniture and paneling. When I get back from market I will share all of the great new ideas that will be found there.

Now to the email…..

Question: I need a recommendation for a paint to cover the rust spots inside the microwave. It’s white and old but it still works great.
Answer: There is an appliance touch-up paint made by Rustoleum you can use that comes in white. First clean the inside of the microwave with Holy Cow Degreaser. This will give the paint a clean surface so it will adhere. Paint on the touch-up paint, using thin coats. You should be able to find appliance touch-up paint at the hardware store in the paint department.

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Question: We have a shower with natural stone on the walls and floor, and glass enclosure. Even though we have a water softener, we do have some hard-water spots on the stone. What is a good cleaner for the spots that won’t harm the natural stone of the shower?
Answer: Granite Gold makes a shower cleaner that is completely safe and works great. Spray the walls and scrub with the Granite Gold Scrub Sponge. Both of the products are safe enough to remove soap scum and hard water deposits without harming the stone. Spray the walls with Stone Polish to maintain finish. DO NOT SPRAY THE FLOOR!

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Question: I have a stone pathway leading to my front door. In between the stones we have crushed granite chips, and when it rains they are washed around the lawn. I have to keep replacing the granite. Is there anything that I could spray on the granite to hold it in place? I enjoy your reading your column in the Tomball Potpourri.
Answer: The product is called Mulchlock. It comes in a pump-up spray gallon and retails for around $35. It will lock down the gravel and mulch from wind, rain, and erosion and will last for a season. You should be able to find it at a garden center, but if you can’t find it, call me and I will find it for you.