Easy Wall Repair

Do you have a crack that goes across your wall, maybe over a doorway or a corner of your room? You might have tried to fix it, but it returns just a few months later. Perhaps you even had a professional do a repair only to have it return in a short period of time. It’s frustrating, but you don’t have to live with it. But you do need to use the right product.

Typical repair on a crack is to tape and float, sand, and then tape and float, and sand again. And then you can paint. That’s why a contractor will charge a lot because he has to wait for the sheetrock mud to dry, come back the next day, and repeat the process all over again. You can do it yourself and by using the right product and your repair will last. Good Bye Cracks is a product made by Goof Off that will repair cracks in drywall and plaster. It goes on like paint, but it stays flexible. If your damage is just a hairline crack, you can get away with just filling it with spackling, instead of using any type of tape. Use Dry Dex spackling that goes on pink and dries white. Sand and brush off the dust. Shake Good Bye Cracks well and spray on a thin coat. It will look dark on the repair. Let it dry and then apply another coat. When it’s dry, then you can paint.

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Now to the email…..

This first question was a call in from a sweet lady named Katy.

Question: Hi Trudy do you have any suggestion on how to keep a mirror in a bathroom from fogging up? We shower and then it takes quite a while before we can see out of the mirror. Surely there is a product that you know of that will keep my mirror clear. Thanks for your help!
Answer: Katy that is a good question. To tell you the truth it happens to me all the time, and I find myself using a towel drying off a small area so that I can get ready for work. But there is a product and I can’t believe I didn’t think of it. RainX Anti Fog is a spray to use on indoor glass and mirrors, and it will keep your mirror from fogging up. Clean the mirror and then apply the RainX. When I found this out, we ordered it and will keep it right next to the bathroom cleaners. Thanks for the great question!

Question: We have a contractor that is going to put down new tile in our sunroom. The bid he gave us included tearing out the carpet that is glued down. I asked him if I tore out the carpet could we save some money and he said yes. I am able to pull up the carpet, but the glue remained on the concrete. I have to have that removed also. Do I have to sand it off? That sounds like a lot of trouble and would very messy. Do you have a suggestion that would be easier?
Answer: Blue Bear Mastic and Adhesive Remover is the easiest way to remove the leftover glue. Apply Blue Bear directly on the concrete surface. Spread it around using a straw broom, long- handled broom, or a floor squeegee. Now let it work. Blue Bear will remove black mastics in 1-2 hours and white mastics in 4-8 hours. Use a floor scraper to remove the softened mastic. Repeat if necessary. Clean the concrete with a degreaser. Blue Bear makes one that works well. Rinse the floor afterward and test to see if all the mastic is removed by applying water in a few areas. Rub the concrete with your fingers, and if the water turns white, you need to clean with a degreaser again. Blue Bear will cover up to 200 per gallon. Blue Bear is your green choice. It’s not the fastest way to remove mastics and glues, but there is absolutely no smell using Blue Bear. Good Luck with your project, great question!