Shoo Fly is Now Clobber

Back in August we received the hard news that Shoo Fly would no longer be available, anywhere. I just couldn’t understand why a company wouldn’t want to continue producing an insecticide that was so excellent. Even NASA bought it. The hard part in finding a substitute for Shoo Fly was the oil-based formula that was emulsified in water. That formula gave it a great residual and very little odor. It was not a knock down killer but a perimeter spray safe around children and pets as soon as it was dry. It would kill roaches, ants, scorpions and anything else that would step over the invisible line of Shoo Fly. I get teary eyed just talking about it. I was just about to give up, and then I called a small chemical company in Texas called Quest. And in the mix of their chemicals was an insect killer very close to Shoo Fly called Clobber.

Let me tell you some of the differences and some of the similarities between the two products. Clobber is strictly a water based product; Shoo Fly was oil and water. The active ingredient in Clobber is Permethrin, and the active ingredients in Shoo Fly are Tetramethrin, Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide. Clobber is also a quick knock down; Shoo Fly was not. Both have a four- week residual. They are non- staining, odorless, and safe when dry. And they both kill ants, roaches, spiders, scorpions, and a long list of other pests. You can use them in your home, hotels, airports, barns, livestock areas, kennels, and more. And the important part… you use it just the same. If you have pets or children, you spray when they out of the house. Spray around the base boards inside the house, doorways, windows, under cabinets, concentrating on areas where you have seen activity. It might take you about 5 minutes to do a 1500 square foot house. And that’s it. Your pest control is done till the next month. Now I will be honest, I think that it will last more than four weeks, but that is what it states on the can.

Many of you called me and asked me why don’t I find out the ingredients and just have someone make it; it’s just not that easy. It’s the EPA registration that cost about $40,000 and no chemical company is willing to do that. And that’s the simple facts. We are going to private label Clobber in a couple of months, but I didn’t want you to have to wait. Clobber will sell for the same price as Shoo Fly, solving the problem of expensive pest control at your home.
Now to the email…..

Question: Hello what do you recommend to unclog a bathroom sink drain?
Answer: There are two items that are my favorite in clearing a drain. One is a Zip It. It’s a flexible tool that is 20 inches long with barbs that will pull out hair and gunk out of the drain. It’s great for those that don’t like using chemicals. Then there is Drain Out. They have two formulas: one for kitchens and one for bathrooms. The one for the bath clears hair and soap, and the one for the kitchen is formulated for grease. They are safe for drains and have no caustic fumes. You should be able to find it at any hardware store.

Question: I live in a 68 year old house with a roof that it is approximately 25-28 years old. I have had two small leaks in for a while. Two months ago, I hired someone to repair the roof. After a few weeks, one of the leaks started again and was a small leak. The other one has started to leak and it’s worse than before. I have read about a coating that could be put on top of the repaired area. Do you have any opinions regarding the repair of this roof?
Answer: Through The Roof is a clear sealant that you can brush on the area where you are having problems. It will seal the leak permanently. I had a new roof installed and was having problems around the fireplace. I had my roofer go up and use this sealant around the fireplace and the leak stopped. It comes in gallons, quarts and a thicker caulk formula.