How Do You Clean Your Cutting Board?

We are getting so close to Thanksgiving that it is scary. And that means that we will be using every platter, serving piece and cutting board in the house. I have a beautiful cutting board that my sweet son-in-law Alan made me that I have displayed in my kitchen. I really never wanted to use it because I had not found a cleaner that I thought would do a good job without damaging the beautiful wood in the board. Last month I went to Howard’s booth at the Do It Best Show and there a new product for cutting boards called “Cutting Board Cleaner.” It’s a specially formulated soap for safely cleaning any wood surface including butcher blocks, cutting boards, wooden bowls and utensils. It cleans and neutralizes odors on well- used cutting surfaces, and of course it is food safe. To clean, rinse your cutting board with warm water and apply Cutting Board Cleaner with a sponge and scrub the surface until lather is formed. Rinse with clean warm water and towel dry. Allow your board to completely air dry before you store it away completely. Follow up with either Howard Butcher Block Conditioner or Cutting Board Oil.
I hope this takes care of the mystery of cleaning your favorite cutting boards.
Now to the email…..

Question: Is Delete Germ safe to use in a toilet that is on a septic system? Can I use Delete Germ to clean the shower walls that are ceramic? Can I clean the glass shower door also?
Answer: Yes and no, if you have an aerobic system you can NOT because it will destroy the enzymes in the tank. But if you just have an old style, no-frills-added septic system you can use Delete Germ. My brother- in- law has a septic system at Lake McQueeney and uses Delete Germ in the toilets and showers. And yes you can use it for cleaning the hard water deposits and soap scum off the ceramic shower walls. It’s excellent for removing hard water stains on glass shower doors. Just remember to rinse, rinse, and rinse so that you don’t leave any Delete Germ on the glass. For a great cleaning video….go to our website and check the video marked Total Bath Cleaning with Delete Germ.

Question: Within the past two years, you talked about a mold removal product which you could attach to a garden hose so you can spray the outside vinyl siding of a home. I can’t recall the name of the product. Do you remember what it was?
Answer: The product is called 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. Spray it on, let it work (no scrubbing needed) and then rinse. It does come in a hose hook up and will clean up to 2000 square feet. Since you rinse ….your landscaping will be fine. There are others cleaners like Spray and Forget, Wet and Forget but they clean very slowly, and you don’t have to rinse. But when I clean, I want immediate results and I get that with 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner.

Question: My mother is on a walker. And though she is very stable on that walker, her driveway has a steep section at the foot of the driveway which causes her walker to try and run away with her.
Do you know of any kind of rubber or metal product that we can affix to the driveway? Or do you know of a way to make that area safer for her?
Answer: I think you could try a couple of things to make that driveway safer. There are concrete sealers that are clear made by Drylok Like Natural Look Sealer. It’s little or no sheen. And Drylok also makes a Non- Skid Texture Additive which can be added to the Natural Look Sealer. It will give you texture that will help prevent slipping or falls. It’s lightweight and might have to be applied every couple of years if your drive over the area with cars. Now you could also do a peel and stick tread and apply it every few inches of the driveway. They are not pretty, but they are effective. If you think she just needs a little traction, just the People/Puppy treads. They are soft and clear. Hugs to your mom!