Protect with Superior Shield

Earlier in the summer Shield Products told us that All Gleam polish was no longer available. The other product that they manufacture is Superior Shield and it is still available. It is an excellent product that does what no other metal cleaner does, and that is protect and maintain a shine.

All Gleam was a wonderful metal polish, and if you were polishing outdoor metal, in a salt water area…. like the SS Minnow… there was nothing better. But most of us are just polishing up indoor decorative pieces or outdoor entry door sets and not the chrome on a boat.

There are a few metal polishes that I want to tell you about that I think you will like. Howard makes a silver polish that will polish silver, plating, and chrome. You can also use it on appliances. Howard also makes a copper cleaner that you can wipe on and then buff to a shine. Both work quickly with very little odor. Maas is also a good polish and is readily available at most stores. Once you get your pieces clean, then you can spray them with Superior Shield.

Superior Shield is a clear, protective finish that will keep your polished pieces tarnish- free for years. So if Aunt Clara willed you a monster silver tray and it’s beautiful, but a pain to keep looking good, don’t give it away…..polish it one more time, and then spray it with Superior Shield and forget it. If you have a gorgeous entry set on your front door, clean and polish it, and then protect it from the elements with Superior Shield. Using Superior Shield is easy, but practice first on a piece of cardboard to perfect a thin coat. A thin coat will look and protect better. Try it on the back on your piece first because not all plating is created equal. Hope this helps with the Christmas preparations.


Now to the email…..

Question: I need to remove efflorescence from bricks on my fireplace on the indoor side. The Mexican Bricks leaked water through them during hurricane Harvey due to so much rain. I have had the outside mortar repaired and sealed and now need to clean the inside. I am looking forward to your recommendation.
Answer: This is an easy fix. Acid Magic is a buffered muriatic acid that has 70% less fumes that regular muriatic acid. So using it inside the house is safe. Cover the floor with plastic because we will be spraying the brick with water. Take a 2 x 2 area at a time, spray the brick with water then spray with Acid Magic. It will foam up. Give it a scrub with a plastic bristle brush. Spray again with clear water to rinse and let dry. It will remove all the white stains.

Question: Trudy I want to clean my chandelier – really I do- but the thought of polishing each crystal is exhausting. I remember you writing about a cleaner. Is it easier?
Answer: Oh yes it is. Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner is sprayed on the light fixture and then you let it drip dry. Cover the table or flooring underneath the fixture with plastic and then when it dries it will sparkle like it was new.

Question: I have several wall sized mirrors in my dining room. I don’t like using any ammonia based cleaners because of my allergies. I am having my family over for Christmas so it’s time to clean them again. Do you have a favorite cleaner for mirrors?
Answer: Gel Gloss makes No Streak and it is an excellent cleaner. They make it in an aerosol or in a polish. You can use it on mirrors or on glass in your home or the car. It’s a polish that contains silicone that will protect like a wax. It’s a two step process. Spray or wipe on the mirror, let it dry to a haze and then polish it off. It’s especially good to use in the bath. It will remove hard water stains on mirrors and leave behind a protective finish. The reason they call it No Streak is because it cleans without streaking.