Security with Door Devil

I think that everything should be easy; if you know how to do it and you have the right product. And that includes security around your home. The Door Devil was the invention of a young man who watched his sweet neighbor get broken into twice in two months. He made the Door Devil Security System that makes kicking in the front or back door impossible. It’s the only door system that can be installed by the homeowner for under $90.00. Security door hardware systems all have some similarities, but there is one thing that makes the Door Devil stand out, and that is the metal bolts that go on the hinge side of the door. With the door closed, the door becomes one with the framing around the door securing it completely. It will come with everything you need so that when you close the door, you are secure. Look at the YouTube videos and you will be impressed.

Door Guardian is a deadbolt lock that needs no key. It’s easy to install, cost- effective security hardware for any exterior door. It requires only three screws to install and when you are home will deter anyone from trying entering your home. Door Guardian will keep children and adults from walking out the door without your supervision, but will open easily and quickly from the inside in case of emergency.

You won’t be looking for a key if you need to exit quickly, slide the lock over and pull towards you. Door Guardian comes in many finishes to go with any hardware and retails for under $22.00.
I know that cute little app that shows you who is at your door is a convenience. But that little app is not going to keep someone from coming into your home. If you need help finding a security door system just give me a call or send me an email:

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Now to the email…..

Question: I have a large tree in my front yard which I love for the shade it gives. But I think I have roots in my sewer system, and I don’t know what to do. I guess I can call someone, but I would like to do something myself if that’s possible. Is there a product I can use to get rid of roots?
Answer: My neighbors were having the same problem last week and being the nosy, concerned neighbor that I am …..I asked them what they were using in the pipes to take care of the roots. Well, they were using a product that has copper sulfate, and that will do the trick. You want to use a product with 99% Copper Sulfate and nothing less. It will get rid of hairline roots and not harm the tree. Copper Sulfate will come in a 2- pound container, and you want to put ½ of the container in the toilet and flush. Leave that toilet alone overnight. The next night put the other ½ in the toilet leaving the toilet alone overnight. And that’s it. Good luck!

Question: I have hard water stains on my mirror above the sink. I have used several cleaners but they just kind of smear, but don’t clean thoroughly. Do you have a good mirror cleaner?
Question: We bought our granddaughter a used car. The previous owner must have been a smoker. We have tried all sorts of car fresheners but all they do is perfume the air, but you still have this lingering odor hanging in the air. The worst part is that the smoke smell gets in your clothing. Have any suggestions?
Answer: I want you to use two products that neutralize odors. First, use Bio Zapp and spray all the fabric parts of the car. Seats, headliner, trunk, carpet….if it is fabric…spray it. Then us an Air Sponge underneath the seats and in the trunk. Call me if you can’t find these products.