Rug safety with Fiber Lok

Do you have a bathroom rug that you can wash in the washer and then dry in the dryer? Has the rubber backing started to peel off? That can be a slippery situation especially if the flooring underneath is ceramic tile. If the top of the rug still looks great and goes with your décor…you don’t have to throw it out. You can add a new backing. Fiber Lok is a brushable rubber that you can paint on the back of your rug. And this is the great part…. you can still wash and dry that rug, and none of the new Fiber Lok backing will peel off.

Take your rug outdoors. Remove any of the old flaking backing. Then use a foam brush and paint a new backing on your rug. Now here is a warning…..when you open the Fiber Lok it stinks….so breathe in the other direction. That odor dissipates, and it’s not transferred to the rug. Don’t take any chances with a rug that can get away from you….a broken hip is not the way to start the year.

Now to the email…..

Question: I just installed new wood flooring and to protect it I put felt adhesive pads on the feet of all my furniture. Well, the pads have not stayed on the furniture, and now I have the stickiness of the pads on my new wood floor. How do I safely take off the sticky and what can I put on the legs of the furniture?

Answer: Use the Tub of Towels (yellow tub) to safely remove the adhesive left by the felt pads, and then rinse with water. Magic Sliders make my favorite floor protectors. They make a slider that you just easily tap on and some that are self- gripping in case you can’t put a nail into the leg. I like to put them on my big pieces of furniture because then I can move my furniture around when the mood hits me.

Question: Johnnie I have Ghost Ants. Does the Clobber take care of those kinds of ants also?

Answer: Ghost Ants are hard to track because they have a white/clear body and are hard to see. But yes
will take care of any type of ant. Spray all the entryways, around the window sills, and the toe kick of the cabinets. It's completely safe around children and pets as soon as it's dry.

Question: When I wasn’t looking one of the grandkids took a magic marker to my furniture. The furniture has a good varnished finish on it. Before I try anything, I wanted to see what you think would be the best product to use on my end table. And then once I get it clean do you suggest a furniture polish that I would use on a regular cleaning?

Answer: Little angels ….my daughter is expecting her first this month, and I am so excited. Lift Off makes Pen, Ink and Marker Stain Remover and you can use it on the wood furniture. Lift Off is unique because it breaks the molecular bond between the ink and the surface. So you are not going to smear the stain, but you will remove it completely. It’s biodegradable, water-based and has very little odor because it has a low VOC content. Spray the stains and let it work for sixty seconds before blotting off the stain with a soft rag. Once the stain is removed use Feed and Wax and give your furniture a protective finish.

Question: We have Christmas Eve at my house, and every year we eat tamales and chili. This year someone put hot tamales directly on the table and, the steam left a mark that looks cloudy. Will I need to sand this off? I have tried waxing it, but it comes right back in a few minutes. Help!!

Answer: No worries. Wipe a White Ring Remover rag across the hazing, and it will remove all the cloudiness. The stain comes from moisture trapped in between the coats of varnish and is easily removed while the stain is still white. Once the moisture gets to the wood surface, it will darken, and then you really will have to sand. So take care of it quickly.