Help for Aching Joints

If this cold, wet weather has your joints achy, I have an answer. It’s this great product with a weird name. It’s called Two Old Goats. And let me tell you it’s great for fibromyalgia, arthritis, and nerve sensitivity from radiation treatment or just if you overdo it at the health club. It has a fresh fragrance not heavy like some crèmes. You can use it as much as you would like to provide relief.

I went through cancer treatment back in 2008. First was chemo, and then was radiation treatment which left my affected side with such nerve sensitivity. I would put Two Old Goats on my left arm, and within minutes the sensitivity would subside. My sweet mom uses it on her knee. She told her Dr. about it, and he just looked at it and said there was nothing in it that should be helping mom. When he left, the nurse looked at it and said, he doesn’t know how these ingredients work together….then she smiled. God love understanding nurses.

Two Old Goats comes in three sizes...two, four and eight ounces.

Question: Happy New Year to you! I appreciate your advice over the last year, and I would like to ask you about a porch swing. It’s in excellent shape but, it squeaks so loud from the rings that hold the seat. I have tried WD 40 and numerous other lubricants trying to quiet the squeaks, but nothing is working. Do you know of anything better than WD40? I love this swing; I wish it was a little quieter, ha!

Answer: Use a spray called Tri- Flow. I like to say its liquid ball bearings in a spray can. Spray any part of your swing that makes noise. You might need to spray it a couple of times. You can use Tri- Flow on hinges, sliding glass doors, mirror doors, and car doors. Now I always tell people that Tri- Flow comes with a warning. Once you spray your hinge or door, it will move with a fingertip. Don’t use the same strength that you used to. If someone pushes you too hard in that swing, you might end up on the other side of the porch.

Question: I always enjoy reading your column in the Houston Chronicle. Today you wrote about Granite Gold which led me to a question that I don’t think you have addressed. I have black granite countertops in my kitchen. They are a honed finish and not shiny. My question is, do I have to seal it? Any dealer that has come out to seal has left it shiny and splotchy, and it takes weeks for it to wear off. So I don’t do it. So far the countertops are fine, but this little nagging voice inside me says that I need to seal it, so I don’t have any problems in the future. What is your suggestion, and what product if any do I use?

Answer: This is such a good question! When you originally asked this question, it stumped me. When we think of putting a seal on a surface, you almost assume that there will be a gloss. But the sealer from Granite Gold does not put a shiny finish on granite. It will protect, not add shine, so you are safe. And Granite Gold did suggest that you seal your granite. Now for those of you that want to add shine to your granite, Granite Gold makes a polish that will give your older granite nice new glow. If you ever have a question about your granite, marble, travertine Granite Gold has wonderful customer service.

Question: I used a Christmas tree shaped votive stand on a table with a mirror above. The candle left a waxy film on my mirror, and the more I clean, the more it smears. How can I get the smeary film entirely off?

Answer: There is a cleaner that we use at the store on all our glass. It’s called No Streak! Spray it on the mirror, and then clean toward the center of the stain. Don’t stretch out the mark any farther. Keep turning the rag that you are cleaning with a clean side. You can use No Streak on mirrors, glass, windows and it will do a wonderful job cleaning.