Taking Care of Dry Skin

With the first blast of cold air, my skin reacts! It’s dry and itchy, and if I’m not careful, it will get completely out of control. I have tried numerous things, but I have found that Medline Skin Repair Cream works the best. And I would have never found it …..if Dad had not gone to the hospital.

Dad’s skin was very thin, and it didn’t take anything to tear it. At work, he was talking to a customer and turned a corner and caught his arm on a gondola. Dad was on blood thinners, and we couldn’t stop the bleeding, so off we went to the emergency room. While Dad was entertaining the doctors in ER, one of the nurses used Medline Skin Repair on dad’s arm. She gave us a tube to take home and said to use it on the tear to help with healing. That tear healed so quickly, and before you knew it, we had Medline on our store shelves.

If your job has your hands in water all the time, or if your hands just get dry, red, and cracked, then Medline is great to have around the house. It’s non- allergenic and is not greasy or waxy. And for those of you who have a sensitivity to smells, you will find that Medline has very little fragrance. Just a small amount absorbs quickly into the skin. You see it around hospitals and doctors’ offices because it doesn’t degrade latex. A four-ounce tube sells for $11.00. Hope this helps those who suffer during the colder weather that we are having right now.

Now to the best email…….

Question: I am in need of some help with cleaning mold and mildew on my new brick patio. We had it installed a year ago, and since this summer it has had this slim and mildew. I am looking for a product that would easy to use and is not going to hurt my plants.
Answer: There is a product called 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner that is specifically for your problem. Spray the cleaner on the brick, let it work, and then rinse it off. I like to use a nozzle on my hose so that I can get a high-pressure spray. You won’t even have to scrub-…and it’s safe around your landscaping because you flood it with water when you rinse it off.

Question: Is there a product that will work on an outside entry door similar to Restor-a-Finish for cabinets? My front door needs work, but I am unable to take it down, sand, stain, and put the door back up.
Answer: If the varnish is still intact and your door is just faded, then you can use Restor-A-Finish on your door. Follow up with Sun Shield for protection. Easy project!

Question: I really would like to have Thermo Plug for the pump house during freezing weather. Last year I got caught during bad weather and didn’t have any water. Is there a certain heater that I should use with Thermo Plug?
Answer: Thermo Plug will work with any heater. Whether you use a heater or a heat light, anything that is plugged into a Thermo Plug will turn on at 35 degrees and turn off at 45 degrees. It’s a life saver.

Question: I have an aging dog that doesn’t always do his business outside. I have urine odors in the skirt of a new sofa (scotch guarded) and the carpet underneath. I have tried baking soda and Zero Odor pet stain & odor remover. He also made it upstairs and pooped on waxed wood floors. Now I have black stains on the wood. I hope you can help!
Answer: Use Bio Zapp on the sofa, it’s crystal clear and will not harm your fabric. It will eliminate the odor. You won’t smell it and neither will your pup. On the wood, it’s a different story. Try removing the wax and see if the black stain comes up with it. If it doesn't, the stain will have to be sanded off. Then stain and varnish the floor in the area. I have a friend with an elderly dog, and she puts down pads from North Shore Supplies...they are washable and reusable. It makes life easier for them both.