Leviton Motion Sensor

I can’t tell you how many times I have customers come into the store looking for a little button device that would go on the door frame of their closet so that when they open the door, the light will come on. It’s so convenient, but I haven’t been able to find it for a while. But Leviton does have a motion sensor that you put in place of your light switch that will turn on the light when you come into the room. It works on incandescent or LED bulbs and will control lights from two locations. And if you have true respect for electricity, like you know how to turn off the power, and you know test for a hot lead wire without melting your eyebrows… they are easy to install.

If you have a dark closet or a pantry where the light switch is not convenient, you can install a motion sensor, and the minute you walk into the area, your light will come on. If you have a dark hallway that comes from the garage and a light switch is halfway down the hall, and you can never find that switch. This Leviton sensor is for you. It has a sensing location of 900 sq. ft. and sensing angle of 180 degrees. And if you like, it has a manual override so you can use it as a standard switch. It is attractive and use a rocker wall plate. The average price is $28.00, and I have seen them at most hardware stores.

Now to the email..

Question: Thank you for all the advice that you give us. I hope you can help me with this issue. I have tried to clean the tub with almost everything, and they continue to look dirty. I was wondering if you have a solution?
Answer: If your tub is an acrylic tub, then you need to use Bring It On. It’s safe, and boy will it clean your tub. Just apply on the tub and use a soft bristle brush to scrub and rinse with clear water. Dry with a soft towel. It works exceptionally well on the little tread areas of the tub that seems to attract dirt. If your tub is porcelain, use Delete Germ. Put a stream across half of the tub and clean with a scrubby sponge. Rinse with clear water and then clean the other half of the tub. Make sure to rinse thoroughly because the tub will be slippery if there is any residue of Delete Germ left on the tub.

Go to our website, www.happyhandyman.com and check out the video on Total Bathroom Cleaning with Delete Germ.
It will show you how to clean your toilet and also shower glass doors.

Question: We have a dishwasher in a rental unit, and it has started to rust on the racks. We were going to replace the racks until we priced them, pricey! So is there anything to stop the rust and cover up the missing rubber on the racks? The dishwasher works great; it just needs a little TLC.
Answer: There is a nifty little product called ReRack that is a part of the Plasti Dip family. It will encapsulate the rust and provide a new surface to stack your dishes. Remove any flaking rust and then clean the area with rubbing alcohol. Shake the bottle well and apply ReRack to the rack taking special care to overlap it on the existing finish. Apply several coats and let each coat dry for 30 minutes. Let dry overnight before using the dishwasher. ReRack is heat- and water-resistant and will not pop off with high-pressure cleaning. You can also use ReRack on shower caddies and draining racks.

Question: Good morning. I want to paint two white appliances to match the other stainless-steel ones. One is an above-stove microwave/vent the other is a trash compactor. What are your recommendations?
Answer: Giani Granite makes Liquid Stainless Steel that will have the look of stainless steel with the ease and cost of a can of paint. It looks like stainless steel because IT IS stainless in an automotive clear resin. Follow the directions and start with the compactor because it will be easy to do. You will be a pro by the time you are ready to paint the microwave.