When the Garage Door Spring Breaks

Last Friday night my garage door spring broke with a loud pop and scared the living daylights out of me and my dog. Super inconvenient!! My car was locked inside, and I needed to go to work on Saturday morning. Well lucky for me, I was able to get a hold of an installer the next morning, and he had a new spring installed in twenty-five minutes.

Since I had him captive….ha…I grilled him about garage door maintenance. And he shocked me about lubricating the rails. He said not to. He said all you need to lubricate is the rollers. And guess what he used??? YES….Tri Flow. I played dumb, (easy for me) as he told me about using this lubricant over others. Just spray it in the little area where you can see the ball bearing on the rollers…. a quick four second spray and that’s all you need. That is where the stress is ….not the rails. Then when the door was up, he wanted to show me about how the rollers are attached to the garage door hinges. The rollers need to look straight and not be pulled in. It’s easy to see. Lucky for me all the rollers looked good.

I just want to share with you about this….I had always thought that you should lubricate the rails, but now that I think about it….all that grease that is on the rails would just attract dirt and dust and that would make smooth rolling impossible.

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And now to the email….

Question: Hello Trudy. I have a toilet reservoir that leaks into the bowl and refills every 15 minutes or so. It isn’t the flapper, as I have tried several new ones. I have also cleaned the seat for the flapper. It must be the tube the flapper attaches to. I can see nothing wrong with the tube itself, but the connection/seal to the bottom of the reservoir might be the culprit. Can this be fixed or is it time for a new toilet?
Answer: A new toilet won’t solve the problem. I want you to install a new Fluid Master 400A valve. You can do it yourself. Shut the water off, put a towel on the floor and flush the toilet. Remove the old valve and install the new one. Turn the water back on and see if this doesn’t take care of the problem.

Question: I want an under- mount light for my kitchen. My mom gets up at night and goes into the kitchen and I want a light that would be light enough for her to see, but not blinding to her. All the ones that I have seen have to be hard-wired in and I can do that but, if there were a light that I could install myself that would be great. Do you know of one?
Answer: I know of a great one made by Light It. They call it Anywhere Sensor Light, and it mounts anywhere. It’s perfect for under cabinets and sinks and in garages, attic, storage sheds and any place you need light without access to electricity. You can set it to turn off and on manually, or you can set it so that it only comes on at night or when there is motion. And it’s portable. If the lights go off at your home, you can use it like a flashlight. It uses AA batteries.

Question: We had a new stone patio installed at the end of the summer. I was out cleaning the other day and noticed that they got extra mortar on the house and on the posts. I looked on the internet and it says that the only way to remove the excess is to use muriatic acid and a wire brush. Well….I’m not keen on that idea but I also want to clean up the patio. Do you have another way to remove the mortar?
Answer: Muriatic acid used to be the only way to remove excess mortar, but Sakrete makes Concrete Mortar Dissolver that works great and is 100% biodegradable. It’s non-fuming, and it is not hazardous to the environment. Spray the stained area with Dissolver and let it start working. Keep it wet until the mortar starts to dissolve. Then rinse with water.