AC Tabs for you Air Conditioner

Happy spring to all of you reading the article. This weather is what I have been waiting for since it starting raining in August last year. And you know the weather quickly turns in South Texas from spring, to full blown summer…maybe in the span of five days and possibly by the time that you read this article. So, while the AC is not turned on at your house, do yourself a favor by putting AC Tabs in the overflow pan of your AC unit. If water starts pooling in the pan when you are using your AC, these tabs will release a chemical that will keep slime from building up in the pipe. If the pipe backs up and the pan is filled with water, it will overflow onto the sheetrock below. AC tabs are like an insurance policy, it just sits there until you need it. Enjoy 20% of your purchase of AC Tabs when you use the code AC0403-9.
Now to the email…..
Question: I spent a fortune on a metal gas can and it has developed a tiny hole (I don’t know how- but my grandson looks guilty) and I want to know how to seal it. Lots of glues say that they work on metal but none of them say they will work on gas cans. I hate just to get rid of this gas can- do you know of a way that I can seal it?
Answer: Seal All contact adhesive is rated for gas and oil. You can use it to mend two metal pieces together or use it to seal a puncture hole. Apply directly to a clean, dry surface. Apply light coats and allow each layer to dry thoroughly. You can apply tape over the hole and then apply Seal All over the tape. Dad had a leak in a gas tank in his Model A, and this is what he used instead of pulling out the gas tank in the car. It worked great!
Question: I bought a home that has old aluminum windows. The windows will be replaced later, but for right now is there a metal polish or cleaner that would make the windows look a little better?
Answer: Noxon Metal Polish cleans and shines seven different types of metal, one of which is aluminum. It will make the discolored aluminum look much better. Right now while the weather is still cool is the perfect time to tackle this job. Soak a clean sponge and apply to the metal, taking care not to get it on the glass. Buff the metal with a clean, soft, dry rag. If the stain is heavy on the metal, rub with a non scratch sponge to gently loosen the stain. It’s the only polish that I know of that does a really good job of giving old windows a face lift. My brother-in-law who does remolding uses it all the time on old windows with great results. Noxon also cleans and polishes stainless steel, chrome, pewter, brass and copper. It has a strong ammonia smell…so use it outside.
Question: I used a cleaner on my laminate floors that did not turn out well. I don’t know if I did something wrong but the floor has smears all across it that I couldn’t see when I was cleaning. But as it dried they showed up. I used a dry swiffer. Could that be the problem? How do I remove the haze?
Answer: Dry Swiffer pads contain a wax, and if you were using a cleaner, it probably dissolved the wax and left it across the floor. Remove the haze with Quick Shine Concentrated Deep Cleaner. It’s safe on hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl and stone.
Question: I have a cleaning business and a lot of my customers have mirror doors, walls of mirrors and big mirrors in the bathroom. I usually clean with a window cleaner. I would like for the mirror to really shine since these mirrors are focal points in the homes I clean.
Answer: Gel-Gloss makes Glass Wax Polish. It cleans, polishes, protects, and shines glass and mirrors to a like-new, sparkling finish. It will leave a streak-free finish with simple polishing. We use it in my gift shop at the San Antonio store to clean and polish all the glass shelving. One bottle with clean up to 2000 square feet of mirror or glass.