Parking Targets

If you are like most home owners, your garage is used for far more than just your vehicles. Mine too. In fact I have a large china cabinet that my sweet husband gave me that would not fit into my garden home. I cannot “let it go,” and so it takes up space in my garage. About the third time I bounced my car into the back of it I decided that something had to be done. And that was Parking Target.

Parking Targets are the simplest way to mark off your territory in the garage. Keep your car from bumping into the extra refrigerator or furniture by just placing your target on the floor. A Parking Target looks like a small curb that has a peel-and-stick strip on the bottom. Park your car in just the correct spot in the garage and place your target where it will rest in front of your tire. Back out the car, then remove the adhesive backing on the target, and stick it firmly down on a clean garage floor. It bonds in sixty seconds.

Parking Target is ideal for garages with two cars. Just use one target per car. Now on the box it says to roll up and over the target. But that’s not how I use mine. I just gently sneak up on the target when I drive in and then stop. Parking Target allows me to use my garage just the way I want to. I park my car and use the rest of my garage for a little storage and work area.

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Now to the email…..

Question: We have a place up in Boerne and have a septic system. What do you think is the best product to use for maintenance on a septic system? My neighbor just had to have hers pumped and I do not want to have to do that. We go up about once a month, so it would be good to take care of that while we are there.

Answer: One Flush is the septic system treatment that has billions more enzymes that other treatments. Now, many products are antibacterial, and that kills the beneficial bacteria that are needed to keep your septic system working properly. One Flush was originally designed for industrial and municipal waste treatment, so it will certainly break down your organic matter efficiently. Just one packet in your toilet a month is all you need. Flush and your done. It comes in a convenient three month package for under $12.00.

Question: I have bar stools at my counter. The tips came off before I knew it and now I have black marks on the floor. I want to put new felt pads on the legs. Is there a pad that’s better than the others?

Answer: Instead of a felt pad, use a Magic Slider. It was the original slider that is made with Teflon and it will slide on any surface. Your stools will not leave any marks on the floors with these sliders on the legs. Magic Sliders come in a tap in, screw on, self gripping slider that will be easy to install. If you ever have to move furniture, they have large sled type movers that will allow you to move large heavy furniture easily. I moved my piano from one room to another without marring my floor. Magic Sliders come in so many sizes and one will be perfect for you. They start at $8.00.

Question: My mom stays by herself and loves the independence. But sometimes she has plumbing problems like a stopped up toilet and tub. She is not comfortable with heavy acidic drain cleaners and I don’t think it’s a good idea. So usually she ends up calling me. Is there a good drain cleaner that would be safe for her to use on her own?

Answer: There are a couple that are so safe, and boy are they effective. One is Green Gobbler and is a great choice for the toilet and tub. No fumes, no smell….and just pour in a packet. And then there is Drain Out that she can use in the sink or tub drain. Both are easy and safe.