New Product for Leather

Last week I wrote about a new product called Clean-A-Finish by Howard. This week I want to tell you about another brand new product from Howard called  Leather Salve. Leather Salve is NOT a cleaner. It’s a conditioner that will penetrate deep into leather. It rejuvenates old leather and helps cover scratches, leaving it soft and supple again. You can use on furniture, boots, purses, saddles, gloves, and auto upholstery.

To refresh your leather you need to make sure the leather is free of dust and dirt. Using a small amount of Leather Salve on a lint free cloth, wipe the leather in a circular motion, massaging it into the leather. (Always test in an inconspicuous area first to check for color fastness.) Allow to penetrate for an hour before you buff with a clean soft cloth. You can use this salve often if your leather is extremely dry.

I saw this used on old, old leather boots, and the results were amazing. You can use it on any color smooth leather. This product is proudly made in the USA.

Enjoy 20% off your purchase of Leather Salve when you use coupon code LS0605-11.

I have had many visitors this week at the store. I love meeting each one of you. This week Duncan had a suggestion for me. He asked if I would tell the product name first, before I give directions on how to use the products. So that’s what I did in this article. Thanks Duncan!

I had a quick call yesterday from Ms. Coates asking about products and article questions. She said her mom read the article every Thursday and would tell her daughter that she needed the product listed. Well it was her mom’s birthday, and being a nosy person I asked, “What birthday are we celebrating?” She turned 100!! Happy Birthday to Rebecca Gibson! I hope you eat two pieces of birthday cake!

Now to the email...

Question: I live in an area in Fulshear, TX, that has extremely hard water. I have a water softener for indoor use but not for my outdoor water sprinkler system. The problem is that the mist from the water spray stains the brick of my house. I have tried numerous cleaning products and none will remove the grayish powdery looking stain. Do you have any recommendations for the stain problem? Thanks in advance.
Answer: Yes, I do!! It’s called Acid Magic, and it's great. It's a buffered muriatic acid that has 70% less fumes and does not burn on contact. Here is how to use it: wet the brick with water, spray on Acid Magic, let it work for a minute (it will foam up), scrub with a plastic bristle brush ….then rinse. And that's it! When you’re finished, you could use a clear natural sealer to help with staining. DryLok makes a Natural Look Sealer that has no shine....perfect for you. Let me know if you can't find this product, and I will help.

: Dear Trudy, on the eves of my house, there is a 1x6 wood fascia board that has rotted through. The board is about 12’ long but the rot is about 12” long. In one of your newspaper articles you mentioned a product that would fill the rot without removing or replacing the board. I lost the article and can’t remember the product name. Your help please. Thanks ...
Answer: Its two products, Minwax Wood Hardener and Minwax Wood Filler. First DON’T PULL OUT ANY ROTTED WOOD! Leave it intact, and then brush on Wood Hardener using a foam brush. You will need to put on three coats, and by the last coat, the wood will look shiny. Let it dry overnight. The next day fill in any voided areas with Minwax Wood Filler. You can sand the area smooth after 30 minutes. By not pulling out the rotted wood, you will use a lot less wood filler.

: While I love my foundation that stays on my face so well, on the carpet is another matter!!! I accidentally spilled a few drops on the new carpet in my closet. I have tried all the remedies I know and it is still there.
Answer: A few weeks ago, a customer asked me for Folex Carpet Stain Remover, and I brought it in for her. She raved about it, so I did a little research. I found out it’s the #1 stain remover on most cleaning websites. It removes cosmetics. Just remember clean towards the center of the stain.