Tool Lock for Dad

When you read this, it will be just a few days before Father’s Day. If you still haven’t gotten a gift for your dad and you are starting to get nervous, I have a suggestion. Tool Lock! It’s a unique tool box in a world of metal, plastic or canvas tool boxes. Let me tell you why.

You have seen compartmentalized plastic tool cases. They come with individual boxes where you can organize parts and nails, screws, tools….they are an answer for the dad that loves to manage his work bench. If your dad is that type, you know better than to get his tools out of order. Tool Lock has taken it a step further, a big step. How many times have you been working on a project and accidently bumped your tool box that was balancing carefully on top of the car or work bench. Your fasteners go everywhere, and your project takes longer because you are looking for that nut or washer. Or even, worse you have to go back to the hardware store and pick up new fasteners. When I saw Tool Lock at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, I knew that it would be a great Father’s Day gift. Tool Lock boxes have a liner that grabs and holds your tools and fasteners in place, even if you turn your box upside down! No kidding! But your fasteners are easily removed and put back in place. The liner on Tool Lock will not melt, and it’s dishwasher safe. It will work over and over again.

Tool Lock comes in multiple sizes, and each box contains snap-apart dividers to personalize your projects. They are not flimsy tool boxes; they are study and durable. Tool Lock is not just for the handyman. When I saw it in Vegas, the crafter in me saw all my calligraphy pens in order for once in my life. Tool Lock is proudly made in the USA!! 

Use coupon code TL062-18 to receive a 20% discount on your purchase of Tool Lock.

Need another idea for a gift? The Best of JohnnieChuoke, Vol 11 is full of years of advice from my dad, and also has new tips and products from yours truly! Have a wonderful Father’s Day!

Now to the email!

Question: I know I read about a brand of fans that your Dad recommended and thought I had saved that article in my file, but I can’t find it now. Could you please send me that brand name and perhaps the website for the company?
Answer: Regency Ceiling Fans are by far the best fans I have ever sold. They make indoor and outdoor fans. My favorite outdoor fan is the Vantage. It has eight blades that are 66” from tip to tip, a six-speed remote, and a LED light kit that you can dim with the control. If you just need a small outdoor fan, go with the Cabana or Patio Pro. All Regency fans are warranted for life, have a degree of pitch on the blade that keeps you cooler, and a heavy-duty capacitor that will keep the fan quiet. Go to or give me a call for help. You won’t go wrong getting these fans!

Question: I know you talk about a cleaning process for keeping your glass shower doors clean and free from hard water stains. The shower door in my son’s room is bad. He would never dry off the glass door. He is headed off to college and it’s my first project that I will do when he leaves. Can you go over that again?
Answer: Clean the door with Delete Germ and a green scrubby sponge.(Wear gloves.) Put a stream going down the door and scrub with your sponge. The glass will feel rough at first when you are cleaning, but after you wipe across it a few times the glass will get slick. Rinse many times with water making sure the surface is free from any Delete Germ. Then rinse again. Dry off the door and apply Invisible ShieldGlass Protector. Apply two coats in a circular motion using a lint free towel. Buff it dry. When you clean the door in the future use Invisible Shield Glass and Surface Cleaner. It reinforces the glass protector giving you about a year of a clean glass shower door.