Moth Trap by Terro

I have a new product to tell you about that I am very excited about and let me tell you why. There are two kinds of moths… pantry and closet. And normally if you have problems in the closet, a pantry trap will not work. And if you have pantry moths, a closet trap won’t work. So you end up buying two traps. Or, you buy the wrong trap, and your problem still exists, and you are wondering why. Terro has now made a trap that will do both! Now the guess work is over.

Terro Moth Trap is very convenient. It comes with one trap, two glue boards, two lures, two timestrips, and the adhesive to mount the trap. Open the package, attach the lure to the sticky glue board, and insert the trap inside the trap holder. There is a “timestrip” on the front showing you when you need to replace the lure. This trap will last you for six months. And you can place it flat on a shelf or attach it to the wall of the closet or pantry.

Moths do a lot of damage to clothing, and it’s pretty icky to see them in your food in the pantry. Take all the guess work out by getting a Terro Trap for Closet and Pantry. You should be able to find them at a hardware store near you for around $14.

Now let tell you about a sweet customer that came into the store this week that reads the article. He wanted to know what I was going to write about this week, and I laughed and said that I wasn’t sure yet. He had a question about his bathtub that has mold on the caulking. He had applied silicon sealant around the tub, and so when I told him the silicone is a magnet for mildew, he wanted to know what to do. I explained that he would need to remove the silicon with a blade and Contractor’s Desolv It, and then replace it with Mildew Free Sealant. He looked me dead in the eye and said, “Well I think that would make a great article.” So you can thank Joe Sperandio from Houston for this portion of the article. Joe is 93 and planning on doing this himself. He made my day!

Now to the email…….

Question: Hi Trudy, we have a place in New Mexico that has a fiberglass tub in the bathroom. I noticed the last time we were there that there is a small crack in the tub. Is there any way to repair this tub and not replace it?
Answer: First, I want you to clean the tub. Use Bring It On and a soft bristle brush. Rinse and dry the tub. Fill the crack with Plumber’s Goop. Goop is a clear adhesive that will stick to fiberglass or plastic. It’s waterproof and flexible. You can also use it to fix cracks in toilet bowls.

Question: We have Saltillo tile through the house. When we first had it installed the contractor applied some kind of finish and it was beautiful. It seems dull now. Will I have to apply a sealer to make it shiny again? It really needs a good cleaning first, what should I use?
Answer: Clean the floors first with Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner. It’s a neutral cleaner that doesn’t require rinsing. Then you can apply a shine with Quick Shine Floor Finish. It’s an easy mop on, instant shine product. I like Quick Shine Floor Finish because it is not a wax, it’s a polymer finish. It never has to be stripped off. It just walks off. When your floor is not as shiny as you like, just mop on another coat. And don’t worry; the shine on the floor does not make the floor slippery.

Question: I have some outside lights on the front of my house. You talked about a dusk to dawn light quite a while back and I didn’t save the article…..can you tell me the name again?
Answer: I have them in my front porch light. They are called “dusk to dawn” bulbs. Just make sure you install them with the sensor facing to the front. They are LED, 60-watt replacement, and made by Phillips. Now the packaging says that they last 22 years…..but I think that might be stretching it.