Get Rid of Odors

What do you do about an odor in your home? Do you try and spray a layer of fragrance on top of it only to smell the lingering odor when the fragrance is gone? It’s frustrating, but there are some great products that I want to tell you about that can change your mind about how to treat odors in your home.

If your odor is one that is in the air like smoke, burnt food, or if you just painted, then you want to use an Air Sponge. Air Sponge is a non-toxic, soap gel with activated charcoal that naturally rids the air of odors and pollutants. It works in cars, offices, sheds, closets and homes neutralizing odors as soon as you open the lid. It works by interacting with the odor molecules and dissipating the offensive odors, leaving a clean, light soap smell. You know those days in spring when the air is new and fresh? That’s the way the air will be in your home.

If the odor is really strong and musty from a closed-up vacation home, then treat the air differently. Shock the air by opening the Air Sponge container and then turning it over on the lid. Then remove the “bottom” of the container. That leaves the Air Sponge out of the container and sitting on the lid. You exposed 75% of your Air Sponge, and it will clear up odors even more quickly. I know you are going to ask….how long will an Air Sponge last? The stronger the smell the quicker it dissipates.

Now what if your odor is in drapes, carpet, upholstery or flooring? You need to use Bio Zapp. Just like Air Sponge, Bio Zapp will neutralize an odor. It is non-toxic, non-aerosol, and safe even on your skin.

I’m going to tell you a story that I get tickled just thinking about Micky, who invented Bio Zapp, literally was traveling around selling this product and walked into our lumberyard in downtown San Antonio. He walked up to Dad and asked him if he had a problem with odors? Then Micky bit into an onion and then breathed on Dad. Then Micky sprayed Bio Zapp into his mouth (don’t do that!) and breathed on Dad again. Dad thought Micky was a little nuts (but in a nice way) and he grabbed Micky and took him directly to an apartment complex that we got back from a buyer that defaulted on the loan.

Dad could not get the pet odor out of the apartments. He had removed the carpet, pad and replaced the flooring with new carpet only to have a lingering pet smell in the air. Micky mopped on a gallon of Bio Zapp on one floor in a vacant apartment, and by the time he finished mopping the odor was gone. It began a long business relationship that resulted in a great friendship.
So, if you have a pet that keeps marking a carpet, even though you have cleaned it and smell nothing, remember that you pet still does. Saturate the area so that you go thru the carpet, through the pad, and down to the concrete. You might have to do it several times because the smell goes deep into the concrete.

If you have a car that smells you can spray the carpet, headliner, and trunk and then stick an Air Sponge under one of the seats. They make a Bio Zapp formula for paint that you can put in the paint to neutralize any paint odor. For those who don’t tolerate the smell of fresh paint, just have the paint department mix it right in the can before they even put it in the shaker.

I even used Bio Zapp on old wood cabinets. I had not updated the kitchen of my little home. The cabinets were the existing cabinets that were installed in the 80”s. The owner was a big smoker….the walls were yellow. So, I replaced everything….mopped the concrete floors (yes the smoke smell was there) and had not made up my mind about the kitchen. And every time I would leave for the weekend and turn off the AC, I would come into the house and smell smoke. One day I was so frustrated, where could the smell be coming from? And then it hit me…I put my nose to the cabinets and there it was….stinky stale smoke. And I used Bio Zapp on them all. If you have any question about these products, call me at the store in San Antonio.

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