The Smarter Hook

Do things happen to you sometimes that you know God is winking and nudging you? Let me tell you what happened in the store a couple of months ago. It was right before Dallas Market, and a sweet customer came in with her son. She was scooting around with a walker, and she asked me for a way to add a hook to her walker so she could carry packages and her purse. We walked around the store and engineered an S biner clip held on with a zip tie. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked. She was happy, and that was what was important.

Flash forward two days later in Dallas Market up in the temporaries. I like this area because it’s full of start-up companies before they get swept up by the big showrooms. Bam! I stopped dead in my tracks because there was exactly what my customer needed a few days ago…The Smarter Hook. It’s a plastic, three-sided hook that would easily slip over a walker handle. It comes in seven different colors and will hold up to 14 pounds. Well, needless to say, I purchased them for our store.

I got back home and start doing some research on The Smarter Hook, and I was surprised that it’s not just used for walkers. Yes, of course, it’s great if you are using a walker, crutches, or wheelchair, but you can use it for so much more. If you are traveling through the airport, attach a hook to your suitcase handle then attach your computer or tablet case or your tote bag full of snacks. Because you know they don’t feed you on that flight! Are your kids going off to camp? Send them with The Smarter Hook, and they can hang their toiletries in the shower and then on the bunk rails. Are they camping out? Hang a lantern up in the tent or tree. Moms always need a hook on the stroller or pack and play. Put a hook on the side of your ice chest and hook on a trash bag. It would be really handy for a college student living in a dorm.

As you can tell, I am excited about The Smarter Hook. Along with making your life easier, they are a Texas company, (whoo-hoo ) and woman-owned!

Now to the email…….

Question: We just put down new carpet, and I got bloodstains on this light-colored carpet. I don’t want to make a mistake and use something that might make this set so can you suggest a stain remover? Is there a certain way to clean that is better than scrubbing with a brush?
Answer: There is a stain remover called Tech that will work fine for you. I want you to saturate the stain and let it work for just a minute. The take a white rag or towel and start cleaning the blood working towards the center of the stain. By working towards the center of the stain, you have less likelihood of spreading the stain out farther. Let it dry. If there is a shadow of stain the next day, clean again.

Question: I will not let my husband get up on a ladder anymore. We need to spray for yellow jackets on the eve of the house. Most sprays don’t reach to the second story, and I was wondering if there was a tool that would help us reach the yellow jackets. My grandkids come and use the pool, and I want to make sure no one gets stung. Any ideas?
Answer: Spectracide Reach n Spray can be attached on any spray can and will extend your reach and keep you off those ladders. Attach a pole into the base of the can holder. Put in the aerosol can. Point the nozzle to the side of the can holder. Adjust the height of the arm so it sits flat on the aerosol button. Light, short tugs on the lanyard will apply aerosol accurately and prevent drips. Spectracide Reach N Spray can be used help control insects. You can also use it to seal pruning cuts on trees. Touch up paint on the second story eves or a sealant on the gutters. Keep him off the ladder, and on solid ground.