VLP Repair on Vinyl or Leather

I had a great question online today, and I want to share it along with a few more. I love it that you are all doing projects and not letting this heat get you down. My reader wanted to repair a stressed seam in the cushions of his boat. It wasn’t torn…yet. I know about boat cushions and replacing them is so expensive. It was always my job to dry off the boat cushions and cover the boat, so it was ready for the next skier and boat ride. Happy times!!

Performix VLP adhesive is just the product for repairing tears, holes or rips in vinyl and leather materials. Your surface must be clean and dry. You need to work in the cool of the morning and in the shade. For small tear and holes, fill in with a small amount of VLP and allow two hours to dry.

If it’s a long tear use masking tape to stitch together the sides about every 1 to 2 inches. Apply VLP to the uncovered areas. Let it dry for thirty minutes. Then carefully remove the tape. Now add a bead of glue along the whole tear and allow it to dry for 4 hours.
If you don’t have a boat….you can repair a leather chair or sofa. Repair the seats in the car. VLP is crystal clear so there is no mixing up colors to match. That would be tough. I’m into easy ….. How about you?

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Now to the rest of the email……

Question: I want to replace some deck boards. I have new ones and this time I don’t want to nail down the boards. Is there any adhesive that I can apply that will hold down the boards and can take the weather?
Answer: The best adhesive is Leech F-26. They make a premium quality water-proof construction adhesive, and its super for decks and even treated wood. It bonds to wood, metal, glass, stone, plastic and even ceiling tile.

Question: I have a back door that everyone uses. And that’s fine but it squeaks so badly. I have put WD 40 and all kinds of oils on the hinges and they work for maybe a week and then the door starts squeaking again. No one can sneak in that back door, but I just wish the squeak wasn’t so annoying. Any ideas?
Answer: Yes, the answer is Tri Flow. It is not your regular lubricant, because it doesn’t attract dirt and dust. Just spray on the hinges and work the door a bit. Tri Flow is like liquid ball bearings and works every time.
Question: I have 2 hairline cracks in the bottom of my Jacuzzi tub. Is there a way to fix the cracks so I can use the tub?
Answer: I suggest you use Plumbers Goop. It’s a clear adhesive that will stretch and stick to the tub. First, stand in the tub to put weight on the cracks so they will be at their widest. Fill in the cracks and smooth them out the best you can. Let the Goop cure for 24 hours before using the tub again.

Question: I irrigate my yard with well water. I assume the iron in the water is staining the edges of my driveway and patio. Do you know of a product to remove the stains that are not toxic to the grass and landscaping? Thanks!
Answer: I sure do. It’s called Rust Remover by Goof Off. It’s the only rust remover that you don’t have to scrub. Just brush it on, or put it in a spray bottle and spray away. Then rinse with water, no problem for the landscaping.

Question: I have an oak table on which a hot box of fried chicken was left. The steam from the box left a cloudy, whitish mark. Is there any way to remove this mark, short of refinishing the table?
Answer: Oh, you are going to love me….use White Ring Remover. It’s a cloth that you just wipe over the white stain and it will remove the moisture from the varnish. Moisture caught between the coats of varnish is what causes the white haze.