Good bye….Good Bye Cracks

About a year ago Good Bye Cracks was discontinued. I bought every can that I could get my hands on, but someone spilled the beans, and it was gone before I knew it. I have no idea why Goof-Off discontinued Good Bye Cracks because it was a really good product. If you read this article weekly you know I have had a few products do the same thing. The companies either just go away, close or sell. I could gripe about it, ok I have, and there has been some stomping….but it really does no good. My job is to look for newer products, and believe me…..they are out there! There are young inventors, designers and just smart young “sharks” coming up with new products to make our DIY projects even easier.

Dap Alex Flex is one of those products. Cracks on a wall can be so frustrating and time consuming---patching and sanding, and then patching and sanding again only to have the paper tape tear, and then the crack reappears. That’s what was great about Good Bye Cracks. It was an acrylic in an aerosol can, and it would stretch and move with the house. Alex Flex Spackling does the same thing; it’s just not an aerosol. Alex Flex is just what the name suggests; a flexible patch that eliminates reoccurring cracks. And that’s what we all want.

To repair a crack, make sure the surface is clean and dry. Apply Alex Flex with a clean putty knife. One application is usually sufficient for a small repair. If your repair is deeper than 1/8” apply two thin coats and allow drying between coats. You may sand in three hours and then paint. Alex Flex can be used outdoors, weather permitting.

If you are going to put the house on the market, take care of any little wall crack. Perspective buyers will think the worst if they see a crack going across the wall. Before they try and knock down your asking price because of a pesky little crack that means nothing, fix it. Fix it for good with Alex Flex. You should be able to find this product wherever they sell Dap products.

Use coupon code AF1009-15 at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase of Alex Flex. Offer expires October 15, 2019.

Now to the email……

Question: I have a screen that has a small tear and I would like to fix it before it gets any bigger. So whip out your bag of tricks because I don’t think I can re-screen the whole frame and I depending on you. No pressure!
Answer: Ha! Ok, well you didn’t say if the screen was aluminum or fiberglass so I will give you products for both. Make 2 Fit has a screen repair kit for fiberglass screening that is really easy. Leave the screen in place. Make sure the area is clean and peel off the backing of the kit. Fix the patch over the tear and apply gentle pressure in a circular motion to aid in setting the adhesive. Make 2 Fit also makes a repair kit for aluminum. It’s a 3 x 3 patch and you will need to remove the screen so that you can work from both sides. Loosen the strands on the folded edge of the kit. Place kit over tear and then fold prongs to a flat position and the job is complete.

Question: I have leather seats in my car. I must have had something sharp in my back pocket because I have noticed there is a scratch in the leather right where I sit. Is there something that I can use to disguise the mark without having to go to the dealer? I will have it fixed someday….just not right now.
Answer: I found a great leather penetrating conditioner that is made by Howards called Leather Salve. It’s a deep conditioning treatment that keeps leather soft and supple by using natural waxes and refined oils. It brings back lost suppleness to dehydrated leather, reduces scratches, and helps preserve leather. Make sure the car seat is clean, and using a soft cloth, apply salve evenly, working in a circular motion. After massaging into the leather, allow to penetrate at least one hour before buffing with a clean, soft cloth. Use sparingly, but often. You can use this on leather sofas, purses, boots, saddles and gloves.