Cleaning your tank with Instant Power

Can I get a show of hands of the readers that are already making plans for Thanksgiving? It was my birthday last week, and as my family was together, we finalized plans for the next holiday. Is Thanksgiving celebrated at your house? So, let’s go over a few clean-up projects before things get hectic. Because you know they will.

A reader called last week and was talking about her toilet and the stains that are in the tank. Minerals in the water turn the tank dark, and those stains will migrate down into the bowl. So, taking care of the tank is important. Not that I think that your family is going to lift the lid of the tank and check, but…..there is that nosy cousin on your spouse’s side. Back to the caller…she said that she used Acid Magic to clean the tank, and she was so happy because the tank was clean. I quickly informed her that she CAN NOT use Acid Magic in the tank, and if she did it on a consistent basis, she would be calling me about a toilet that leaks and runs.

So what do you use to safely clean a toilet tank? Instant Power Tank Cleaner is the correct product. It is a citric acid that is safe and does an amazing job of cleaning off hard water deposits, calcium and rust. And it’s easy to use. Lift the lid of the tank, pour in a ½ bottle of Instant Power Tank Cleaner. I would stir it (use a wooden paint stirrer) and leave it to work overnight. The next morning the tank will be pristine.

As far as Acid’s a wonderful masonry cleaner. Have you ever gone in a neighborhood and noticed that some houses have a white halo stain on the red brick? It’s from an over-spray of the water sprinkler. Acid Magic removes those stains quickly and safely. Put Acid Magic in a hand-held sprayer. Wet the stained area first with water, and then spray with Acid Magic. Acid Magic will foam up. Scrub with a plastic bristle brush and then rinse with water. Acid Magic is a buffered muriatic acid. It has 90 % less fumes, and it will not burn your skin on contact. I cleaned an area of a bank in our shopping center and it’s still clean today. It’s a great product, but NOT for toilet tanks.

I hope this clears things up. Do you have a question? I would love to talk to about your project whether it’s cleaning or repairing. Call the store at 210-341-1573 and ask for Trudy. If I don’t have an answer right away, I will research it for you and find out a solution.
Now to the email……

Question: Hello Trudy, I am one of the loyal readers of your column in Ft. Bend Star news paper. We thank you for your sound advice. We just got our patio and backyard done with brick looking concrete pavers. I am looking for a reliable quality product to seal and enhance the colors. Do you have any recommendation? Thanks.
Answer: I sure do! Drylok Wet Look is the product to use. It will provide a high gloss finish with 1-2 coats. Since your concrete pavers are porous, there is no need to etch. Using a short nap roller, apply Drylok Wet Look to the pavers. Roll out smoothly, because if it puddles it will cloud and take longer to dry. The weather is perfect to do this. Just do it in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun is not directly over-head. It will look beautiful.

Question: Dear Trudy, I have white stains from watering on colored cement that surrounds a pool. What can I use to clean up the stains? Thank you, love your column.
Answer: I have had this question before. Yours is a stained surface, so we don’t want to use anything that might pull color out of the concrete .Invisible Shield Lime Scale and Stain Remover can be used on cultured marble, so I feel that it would be safe on a painted surface. Test a small area first. Spray and then wipe clean. Rinse with clear water. Work quickly and rinse thoroughly. Great question!