Joint Relief with Two Old Goats

Many years ago, I went through treatment for cancer. If you have too, you know it is not an easy time. There are many side effects that go hand in hand with treatment. But I am very thankful that I am here and cancer-free since 2008. One of the issues I had was nerve sensitivity on my affected side which was brought on by the radiation. I could put my hand almost ¼ inch above my skin and feel it….it was annoying. If you are going through that or know someone that is...Two Old Goats could be a great relief. I could apply Two Old Goats, and the sensitivity would settle down enough so that I could concentrate on something else besides how uncomfortable I was.

But Two Old Goats is great for joint relief too. When we have a bit of cold weather, it seems to set off pain in knees, shoulders, neck and back. Two Old Goats will settle it down. Maybe you don’t have joint pain, maybe your pain is fibromyalgia, or you just over-did it at the gym one day. Whatever the situation, Two Old Goats will help alleviate your pain. Two Old Goats is made from therapeutic-grade essentials oils, including lavender, chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and birch bark.
You can apply it as often as you want and much as you want to soothe muscle pain.

My sweet mom had knee surgery. She put it off for two years, and during that time she used Two Old Goats so she could keep moving and stay out of pain. Two Old Goats is proudly made in the USA and comes in three sizes. Hope this information helps you.

Now to the email…….

Question: While on vacation, a bag of potatoes rotted in my pantry. While they were in a bag, the liquefied, rotting potatoes dripped on my pantry shelf. I have tried everything to get the smell out of the pantry but it still stinks! Cleanser, bleach, antibacterial cleaners have not worked. I have scrubbed the shelf several times and sprayed Lysol but the smell is still there. Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of this terrible odor?
Answer: This happened to me if that makes you feel any better. You need to use two products. First, clean the shelves with dish soap. Then spray the shelves, walls, and ceiling with Bio Zapp. Let it dry and spray it again. Then use an Air Sponge to take care of the odor that is lingering in the air. Open a ½ lb. Air Sponge, and with the lid still attached to the container, flip it over and remove the bottom of the container. Now all the Air Sponge will be sitting on the lid. This exposes 75% of Air Sponge which will “shock” the air and leave it smelling clean and fresh. Now I am telling you, this might have to be done several times. Spray with Bio Zapp every couple of days and replace Air Sponge when you need to. Now if the odor still persists, you can prime with Zinsser Odor Killing Primer. It’s a clear primer and will seal out any odor. Good luck!

Question: In walking around my home I noticed that I have some missing mortar that goes between my brick. Is that a big deal and can I do it myself? It’s not the weep holes around the foundation, but around my fireplace up about four feet.
Answer: Is it a big deal? Well, it’s something that you need to take care of. Sascho Sealants has a product called Mor-Flexx. Mor-Flexx is textured caulk that will blend in seamlessly with mortar and stucco, yet is elastic like rubber, able to span cracks for permanent, years-long repairs. With Mor-Flexx you will be able to repair your missing mortar and no one will be able to tell. Probably not even you!

Question: I have a beautiful chandelier that I love, until I need to clean it. Tell me there is a easy way to make all those crystals shine without having to polish each one.
Answer: Hagerty Chandelier Cleaner is a miracle worker. Just protect your table with plastic and paper and spray your chandelier… will drip dry sparkling, no hand cleaning necessary.