Countdown to Christmas--Using Zep Products

I want to share with you a great line of products. They are reasonably priced, professional quality, and perform well every time. Zep has been around since 1937, and I keep their products on my shelves and in my home for all those reasons. I want to talk to you about three cleaners which will help you take care of some annoying problems.

Do you have an AC vent on the ceiling that is dirty? Usually the dirt is around the vent bleeding out to the ceiling material. If you touch the area around the vent it starts flaking off, and that’s a whole new problem. Zep Mold and Mildew Stain Remover is usually sold for removing mildew around the tub and shower. I like it because it requires NO SCRUBBING! It’s because of the “no scrubbing” rule that it is perfect for cleaning around AC vents.

First, place plastic and paper under the vent. Then spray the vent, and let it drip dry. Even though you will be tempted to scrub around the vent, don’t. Zep works without your help. The vent will dry white and leave the area looking clean and fresh.

If you have colored grout around the tub and shower, it is hard to find products that will clean without stripping the color from the grout. Most products that clean mildew also are bleach-based….and we all know what bleach can do to a colored shirt. It will have the same effect on the colored grout. Zep makes Grout Cleaner and Brightener. This Zep product will deep clean grout lines and remove old stains while not affecting the color. It has a unique spray top that will allow you to squirt cleaner across the tub. You won’t have to get down on your hands and knees. Stand, squirt….no scrubbing required. If I could put a “smiley face” after that sentence, I would.

If you have someone sick at your home, you know how fast everyone else can get sick too. We are accustomed to using Lysol to get rid of germs. We spray, we wipe, and we assume that we just annihilated every little germ on the surface… the Terminator. But not so. Lysol requires the surface to stay wet for a long time before you kill any germs. Try not to look shocked.

Zep makes Quick Clean Disinfectant. It will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in 5 seconds. This is great for people who have the flu or flu-like symptoms. And this is what I think is best about Zep Quick Clean. Many of you know that I had cancer about 12 years ago. Treatment is tough on the immune system, and if you get around anyone that has a renegade germ… are going to get what they have. So, you learn that staying at home is best. But what if you can’t? What if you have to go to work? Zep Quick Clean would at least keep the surfaces clean. Read the label on the Quick Clean. There are so many places to use it around the house and at work. You can even use it around pets. It’s really a great product.

Use coupon code ZEP1211-17 at checkout to receive 20% off your purchase of Zep Products. Coupon expires 12-17-2019.

This is your “countdown to Christmas.” Stay tuned for the next segment next week. Oh, and if you need a quick “stocking stuffer,” don’t forget about The Best of Johnnie Chuoke, Vol 11. It has all the hints that we write about each week. It’s great for the new homeowner!

Now to the email…..

Question: Somewhere I heard there is something you can put down your toilet to kill roots in the line. Do you know what the product is and where I can purchase it?
Answer: Zep makes Root Kill. It’s made of copper sulfate and comes in a 2lb container. You will need to put ½ of the container in at night and flush. Leave that toilet alone for the evening. The next night you need to put the other ½ in and flush. Again leave the toilet alone for the evening. And that’s it! It kills hairline roots that invade your pipes. Left alone small hairline roots will grow and break pipes. Use Root Kill at the first sign of reduced water flow. Call me if you can’t locate Root Kill.