Easy Fixes after the Holidays

Today I want to talk to you about some products and fixes that you might have heard me talk about before. I want to re-visit to remind you how simple some things are, and that you can spend twenty minutes on a project and reap big rewards. I’m not saying ”New Year’s resolution,” but this year I have adopted a mantra in my life. Reuse, restore, refurbish, and save some money! So, let me give you a couple of ideas.
Do your cabinets look dull? If they don’t have the same luster that they did years ago, what do you do? There is an easy way to give them new life. Feed-N-Wax is simple to use and will give huge results. And when I say easy to use, I mean if you can dust, you can restore the glow to your cabinets. Feed-N-Wax is made of three ingredients; beeswax, carnauba wax and orange oil. It will enhance the natural beauty and depth of the grain in finished and unfinished woods.

Applying Feed-N-Wax will prevent drying and deterioration of the finish on your cabinets. Just apply Feed-N-Wax on a soft cloth and wipe down your cabinets. Pay special attention to any cabinet with water spots, like the ones beneath the sink. And to answer a question…yes, you can use it on the inside of the cabinet. Let it stand on the cabinets about twenty minutes and then wipe off any excess. Then using a new cloth, softly polish out the cabinets to a nice glow and shine. It’s that easy. I promise you will see the difference. I have even seen it do wonders to pressed wood cabinets. And I know I am talking about the kitchen, but the same thing will work in the bath.
If your cabinets have lost color, you can fix that too. And I don’t mean – strip off the finish and apply a new one. That’s not what this article is about…remember we are going to restore, not refinish. The name says it all…Restore-A-Finish. This product restores color to faded wood finishes. It will blend out scratches and blemishes on cabinets and wood furniture. It will remove white, heat rings with just a wipe-on and wipe-off. Restore-A-Finish is solvent based and will go down below the varnish and color the wood underneath. I know that sounds like a magic trick, and it kinda is…but the miracle is that will take faded wood and bring the color back. And it’s super forgiving….it comes in eight colors, and all you have to do is get close…it doesn’t have to be perfect. Use a soft cloth and apply the Restore-A-Finish to the cloth, and then in the direction of the grain, wipe across the wood. And then ….TaDa….you have restored color to cabinets that looked old. It will make them look like way more that a $12 price that you paid for Restore-A-Finish. My daughter cried when she used it on her first little rental house, but don’t tell her I said that. But I love when she says….” You were right, Mom. It’s better than chocolate cake, right?”

Now to the email….

Question: You once mentioned product that could get rid of pet odor. My nephew bought a home and the garage reeks of cat odor. Would this product help?
Answer: The product is Bio-Zap, and yes it will help! Also use an Air Sponge. Just open it up, and it will take care of the odor in the air. The Bio-Zapp is going to take a few applications before the odor is completely gone. I had a friend that bought a house, and in the sunroom, she had Saltillo tile, and the grout smelled awful. It took several months, but finally the odor was gone. Concrete is like a sponge, and that odor goes down deep into the concrete. It doesn’t just sit on top. That’s why you will want to use an Air Sponge to take care of the odor until Bio-Zapp gets to the bottom of it. Good Luck!