Through the Roof

I have written about Through the Roof before. But it's a product that is so good I want to talk about it again. Through The Roof is a unique product. There are many roof coatings out on the market, but I want to stress to you how Through the Roof is different. You know like the difference between butter and stuff that says it taste like butter? You know the difference the minute you put it on a biscuit and take a bite.

Through the Roof is a clear, roof coating. If you have a leak on the roof, sometimes it’s hard to tell where it might be. Roofs have angles, and what seems like an area that has a leak is not always where it really is. That's what great about Through the Roof. You can paint it on and cover larger areas. You don’t have to be or call a professional roofer; you just need to coat the general area. And it's clear, so it doesn’t stand out on the roof, but it stands up. It also comes in a caulking formula which is thicker to cover up cracks around the fireplace or vent pipes.

You can apply Through the Roof it to a wet roof. So, the next time it rains, you don't have to wait …you can spot the leak and paint on the Through the Roof. Dad bought a house that had a metal roof on it, and it leaked. They had put roofing tar on the roof to take care of the leaks. Roofing tar is cheap, and it doesn't last. It will crack from the sunshine, and then you need to take care of the leak all over again. They had to take off the tar, and then brush on the Through the Roof. It will stick to steel, copper, aluminum, concrete, stucco and brick. It also works on wood, glass, cloth and canvas.

Whatever you put it on will be waterproof. You can put it on your gutters, and you will never see it. If you have one of those fiberglass corrugated patio covers, and it leaks where it is attached to the house, use the caulking to seal that up. There are so many ways to use this product, and I wanted you to know.

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Now to the email….

Question: I have cleaned the grout in my shower, and I know it is clean. But it's still not white like it used to be. Now what do I do?
Answer: Grout Aide pen to the rescue. It has a soft felt tip, and it comes in white, almond and gray. It's easy to use, and if you get some on the tile, you just wipe that off. I used it in a shower, and it looked like I just re-grouted the tile.

Question: I have a fiberglass tub and I am so nervous about cleaning. So, I'm asking, what can I clean with that is safe for the fiberglass?
Answer: For fiberglass and acrylics there is no cleaner like Bring It On. We brought it in years ago and tested it on a tub that someone was going to replace if they couldn't get it clean. And they came in praising the Bring It On. So, if you tub is fiberglass or acrylic use Bring It On. It’s really the best at cleaning a surface that is delicate.

Question: I read your articles and decided to start using the Quick Shine on my floors instead of waxing. However, I need to remove all the old wax. What is the best, easiest way to remove the wax? It’s real thick in some areas. I can't wait to remove the wax and just start using the Quick Shine.
Answer: Quick Shine makes a Deep Cleaner that will remove all the old wax. Just use HOT water when mixing up the Deep Cleaner and it works easier. You will have to scrub, but Deep Cleaner does a great job. After removing all the old wax, clean the floor with Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner, rinse, and when the floor is dry apply the Quick Shine Floor Finish. It will shine with the first coat. You will never have to remove the Quick Shine, because it is not a wax. It’s a polymer finish that just walks off.

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