Questions from Our Readers

This week I wanted to share questions that popped up in my email this last week. It was like someone sounded an alarm, and you all responded. Hoping that your neighbors’ problems will help you with yours.

Question: You’ve been very helpful with an issue we had earlier, and now I’m reaching out for advice on this toilet. I have no idea what these stains are. The toilet is fairly new and installed just a little over a year ago. It’s located in a guest bedroom that isn’t used very often. I’ve tried scrubbing, but to no avail. It’s almost like it’s a coating of some sort. Any suggestions that you might have would be appreciated. Thank you very much.
Answer: The product is Delete Germ. It will remove the hard water stains that have built up in the bowl. To remove these heavy stains, use Delete Germ and a Flexi Scour. Once you remove this heavy stain, using Delete Germ once a week will be enough to keep it clean. Let me mention one more thing. The hard water that builds up in the bowl also builds up inside the rim of the bowl. And then the water is constricted. Not enough water will come through those jets to flush the bowl clean. So, when you clean the bowl, put Delete Germ in the over-flow pipe in the tank. Lift the lid of the tank, put about a cup in the pipe (not the water!) and then just let it work over night. Keeping up with this will allow the toilet to flush cleaner, and you will not waste water by having to flush twice.

Question: I have recently had my bathroom remodeled, and decided I wanted to keep my 1957 cast iron bathtub. However, the finish is dull, and although they tried to polish it, it only is pretty and shiny when it is wet. It seems you always have a great product for every imaginable home need, so is there any product you can recommend to restore the shine to my tub?
Answer: I am so glad you are keeping that tub! It’s so much easier to maintain and clean than a fiberglass or acrylic tub. Use Delete Germ and a Scotch Bright green scrubby sponge. Wearing gloves, put a stream of Delete Germ on a third of the tub and clean immediately. DO NOT think that leaving it on over night or for a few hours will clean better…. because it won’t and might etch the surface of the tub. I am telling you this from experience. So clean and rinse immediately. Then tackle the other parts of the tub. Rinse completely. I am hoping that no abrasive or caustic cleaner has damaged the tub and it is just dirty and stained with hard water. Fingers crossed for you…let me know.

Question: Thank you for your wonderful article each week in the newspaper. All of your research and recommendations always are a success! What should I use to clean bronze bathroom fixtures as I have ruined two stoppers in my tub using to strong of a cleaner and the bronze has turned ugly colors?
Answer: Oiled rubbed bronze finishes are different because they are softer. They don’t tell you that when you buy them. Use Flitz FaucetWax Plus. It’s made for oil rubbed bronze and gold fixtures and will remove any hard water spots without damaging the metal.

Question: How can I clean my Weber grill that was borrowed and returned full of paper that had been burned in it? Is it still safe to cook food in it? It had apparently smoldered with the lid closed since there are smoke stains around the air vent.
Answer: I think you will be fine if you just clean it. Use Holy Cow Concentrated Degreaser and clean all the surfaces. Wear gloves. Use a non-scratch pad so you don’t mar the finish. You will be fine and cooking burgers in no time.

Question: Our pipe from garbage disposal to sink drain keeps stopping up. We have taken it apart and food remained in it. Our disposal may not be powerful enough. Is there anything we can put down disposal to keep it clear?
Answer: Use Instant Power Disposal and DrainCleaner. Works every time.