Noxon for Metal

A couple of weeks ago I had a customer come in the store holding a copper sink by the faucet! He was selling his house and wanted to know if there was anything that would restore the faucet. It was black from tarnish, which is not unusual for copper. But what I saw on the metal looked more like damage, not just tarnish. It looked etched from a harsh and abrasive cleaner. I did not want to tell my customer I did not feel confident that a cleaning product would work. I thought it might take a pro, and he was not going to do that….he would just replace it. Well the challenge was on!!

Noxon cleans and polishes many different metals. I especially like to recommend it for aluminum windows because they can start looking so bad. Noxon can make these windows look great again. So back to the customer, I took a little polish and a paper towel and started cleaning. And on the first try, it just looked ok….I was disappointed. But I tried again, and with the second cleaning, the beauty of the copper came out. The place that we cleaned looked as shiny as when it was new. He was encouraged that he would not have to replace the sink, because he didn’t want to go through the expense. Those kinds of expenses just don’t add to the bottom line when selling a house. But…when that old sink looked new, well that tells the buyer that this house has been well taken care of….and that does add to the value of the home.

You might be asking, “Why she isn’t talking about the Hagerty Metal Polish that was in a previous column?” I will tell you why…this sink looked damaged beyond repair. Hagerty is for your metal pieces that are just tarnished and need cleaning. Hagerty does have a R22 tarnish inhibitor which keeps your metal looking better longer. It was not for this job. This job required more…much more, and that meant Noxon.

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Trudy's Hardware Minute--Noxon does the job!

One more thing...for those of you who ordered Quick Clean, I am hoping that when you are reading this, your order is in hand. The Zep warehouse is working 24-7 producing just this one product. I talked to them this morning, and they are doing all they can. Be patient. Remember, bleach when diluted down makes a great disinfectant; it’s just not as convenient. Stay healthy, stay positive, and encourage those around you.

Now to the email:

Question: A couple of weeks ago I heard you on the radio and you were talking about a gas can called SureCan. You were real excited about it but I haven’t found it around here ….can you tell me more about it?
Answer: This is what I like about Sure Can. It’s a one-hand dispenser, and it has a flexible spout at the bottom, so you don’t spill any gas on your lawnmower or weed eater. It comes in a 2.5 or 5 gallon size. For fueling equipment around the house just get a 2.5 gallon. Check it out online at and if you can’t find it, call me.

Question: I inherited a couple of pieces from my grandfather. Someone had painted it and now it’s peeling. I want to strip off the paint and then restore the pieces. What stripper do you suggest?
Answer: Strippers have really been affected by current laws. It makes it very hard to remove paint, since methylene chloride is no longer allowed. However, Blue Bear Soy Gel still does a great job of stripping off layers and layers of paint, safely and odorless. It’s not a two-minute stripper, but something that takes longer (a few hours), but it works. You can work indoors in comfort because there is no odor. I like to place plastic over my projects to keep the product from drying out. I stripped a dining room table one year, while my sweet husband was in the other room cheering on the Dallas Cowboys…..those were the days! Call me if you have any questions.