SKM Grout Aid for Stained Grout

We have talked about grout before…. how to take care of mildewed silicone and regular grout. But if you have regular masonry caulk in your tub, shower, and floors some stains can be permanent. Maybe they are in the tile around the tub or shower or around the toilet. In the kitchen they can be stubborn in the areas that you always walk. And it’s frustrating because you see in the corners of the room, what the grout used to look like, and no matter what you clean with never looks as good as it used to.

SKM is a women-owned business started in the 1980’s that manufactured correction tape for typewriters and correction fluid. It led the way to a squeeze tube for grout jobs with ceramic, granite and marble. They named it Grout Aide Marker. It will refresh and renew your old caulk and it’s as easy as following a straight grout line. Let me tell you a story….

A few years ago, after my sweet Charlie died, I made a decision to downsize and try and to be debt free. I had a large home which was too big for just me and the dog. I wanted to make as much money on the house while not investing much. It was simply going to be a quick cosmetic remodel. My contractor suggested tearing out the shower and put in new tile, door and fixtures…. which would cost about $3500.00. He said I would gain that back and then some. I wasn’t convinced. I told him to clean the ceramic tile with Delete Germ and then make the grout new again with Grout Aide Marker. He shrugged giving me the opinion, HE WAS NOT CONVINCED. HA!

When I got home, he was loading up he insisted that I look at the shower before I looked at anything else. Well I was amazed, and so was he. He told me he had never seen such a transformation. I did put in a new door and new fixtures, and for less than $300.00 my shower looked clean and fresh and ready to sell. And it did.

Grout Aide comes in a magic marker size and a larger size for bigger grout lines. You can use it on satillo tile and outdoor brick mortar. It’s permanent on most surfaces and has little odor so you can use it in the bathroom even if you don’t have a window for ventilation. If you have tried cleaning your grout and you are still disappointed ...try using a Grout Aide Marker. It comes in tons of colors and on my website, I carry white, almond and the color that matches concrete.

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Now to the email….

I just want to give you an update on a question that I answered last week about a piece of decking that was not completely dried out. I suggested that the homeowner clean it off with paint thinner on a rag. She was so sweet and thanked me and did that….and it didn’t work. Sometimes that happens. Some lumber never dries out. It will seep for years leaving a sticky mess on your deck. So, if that happens to you, replace it. For $20 you can replace it and not chase this nuisance. Sometimes you can just turn over the piece...but I would replace it. Wanted you to have this update in case it happens to you.

Question: Is there a reasonably priced product that can be used to restore a tin roof with multiple leaks?
Answer: Through the Roof is a roof sealant guaranteed to add 10 years to the life of your roof. It’s a clear product that is thin enough to search out a leak, and seal it up. It comes in a brush-able quart or gallon and a caulk that is thicker. In the areas where you have a leak, just brush on Through the Roof, and it will seal the leak. It can even be applied to a wet surface.

Question: I have a bird bath that I broke. Is there anything I can use to patch it up?
Answer: Use a product called PC11. It’s a very strong epoxy that will hold even under water. It’s perfect for your birdbath. It will dry white. Retails for under $20.00.