Instant Power Tank Cleaner

Do you have a hard time believing things that seem too good to be true? So do I. But I want to tell you about a product that does exactly what it promises. My grandfather had a place out in Southern Springs that was a beautiful piece of property. The land was beautiful, but the water from the artisan wells however was awful. The water stained everything from toilets to sinks and bathtubs. I won’t even mention how it tasted. I drank only Cokes when I visited Grandpa. So, if you have a problem with water on your property, Instant Power Toilet and Tank Cleaner is the answer, for the toilet.

Instant Power Tank Cleaner is a heavy-duty sudsing cleaner that will clean your toilet tank overnight. It’s made of citric acid, so it’s safe for any toilet. Simply pour in 8 oz of Instant Power in the tank, stir with a wooden paint stick, and then just leave it to work overnight. The next morning when you lift the tank, it will look as clean as if it were new. Now, I have had some customers who have lots of minerals in the water, and they will do it twice.

I know maybe you can ignore the stains in the tank. I mean how often to you lift the lid of the toilet tank? But if you clean the tank it will really prolong the life of the toilet components. And stains in the tank can migrate down into the bowl. And we all look at the bowl. Don’t make cleaning the bowl any harder than it has to be. And one more caution, if you have a bleach tablet in the tank, please remove it before cleaning with Instant Power. Bleach and citric acid can create chlorine gas.

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For the tub and sinks I clean with Delete Germ. As long as the tub and sink are porcelain, Delete Germ will clean them up. On your fixtures, if they are chrome or stainless, use Faucet Brite by Gel Gloss. If your fixtures are oil-rubbed bronze, use Flitz Faucet Wax + Metal Polish. Oil rubbed bronze is a softer metal, so it takes a different cleaner and polish.

Now to the email….

Question: All of the sudden I have noticed my water pipes are banging. It sounds terrible. And I am worried that the banging is causing damage to the plumbing. So is it a big deal?
Answer: You have just lost the air cushion in the pipes. Here is what to do. Go out to the street and turn off the water to the home. Then open up every faucet in the house and hose bib outside around the house. When all the faucets are dry, go back out to the street and turn the water back on. Then starting outside turn the hose bibs off and then work your way inside turning off all the faucets. This will return the air cushion and the noise should stop. You might have to do it twice.

Question: Around our pool we have calcium deposits on the tile. What is the best way to remove the stains?
Answer: I like Acid Magic. And here is why, it’s safer than muriatic acid. Almost everyone that has a pool will use muriatic acid to clean with because it’s inexpensive. But if the wind blows the wrong way and you get a nose full, it’s really dangerous. And if you spill it on yourself, it will burn you severely. Acid Magic is a muriatic acid in all sense of the word, however it’s buffered. So there are 90% less fumes and it does NOT burn on contact. It will make fast work on the tile and you can get back to playing in the pool. I’m jealous.

Question: We bought a condo that has granite counter tops in the kitchen. Even after thorough cleaning the granite appears to be watermarked. Then do not appear to be stains but if you get the light just right you can see the imperfections. Can these blemishes be buffed or polished out?
Answer: My guess is that is was etched with a cleaner. The same thing happened to my daughter wen she had her house cleaned for a showing. When you looked dead on, you couldn’t see anything. But in the right light, there was swirling from the cleaner that was used. It will have to be buffed out if you can’t live with it.