Drive Up Super Cleaner

I had some great mail last week. And I promised I would address one of the questions right here in the article. Here is the situation.

I own a rent home that was recently vacated and am preparing it to rent again. The tenants had a leaky old vehicle they parked on the driveway that leaked black oil and left 2 big stains. I have tried many things. The oil is gone, but the distinctive spots remain. Kitty litter does nothing. Power washing does nothing for the stain deep in the concrete. Oxyclean did nothing. Pure acetone poured on and scrubbed did nothing. Dawn and scrubbing does nothing. Bleach does nothing. Do you have any suggestions. You sell Drive up Super Cleaner. Does that really work? There is no information as to what ingredients are there. I know I will be hassled by the community association, and I am at my wit’s end.

Have you ever had a problem like that? And you are so frustrated that you are ready to pay anyone to take care of the issue? Well this problem has an answer, and it’s easy. I want to tell you how I found out about Drive Up and what I learned. One year, Dad and I were at The National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. Going up and down the aisles we were approached by many vendors and then Dad said, “we are going down to the basement, the best stuff is down there.” One vendor talked to Dad about his driveway cleaner and said how it would take out oil out of concrete. He gave Dad a sample. Well, I thought it was great, but Dad was not that impressed. He said that they all promise they will clean off oil, but they never work. That sample went home with me.

I had this old oil stain that I had inherited from the previous homeowner. Well I decided to try the Drive Up right in the middle of the stain. I thought if it worked in the middle of that stain, it would work anywhere. Here is what I did. I sprayed the stain with Drive Up every 15 minutes for an hour. I never let the cleaner dry on the stain, I kept it wet. The last time I sprayed the stain I gave it a quick scrub with a broom. Then I rinsed it off with just a cup of water. I didn’t want to get my garage floor all wet when Dad didn’t even think this would work. Well, when I poured the water on the stain and it rolled away, all I saw was clean concrete. I was thrilled, and my next phone call was to Dad.

If you have a stubborn oil stain on your driveway or garage floor use Drive Up. Do it in the cool of the morning. When you read the directions, it says you can let it dry on the surface, but it works better for me if I keep it wet. And when you rinse off the cleaner, just use a garden hose. Let the cleaned area dry for several days. Drive Up is named that because it will drive up the stain out of the concrete. Concrete is like a sponge; the stain goes deep into concrete. It doesn’t just sit on the surface. If it did, you could just use soap and water and rinse it off. After cleaning, if you have a shadow, clean it one more time. Now remember, this is an oil cleaner and not all stains on the garage floor are oil. Drive Up Cleaner is sold to big companies to clean their concrete parking lots. It will even work on asphalt! We are the only retail location that they sell to. I am super proud of that! And it’s made in the USA...wave that flag!!

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