Get Ready for Thanksgiving!

I write this article about two weeks before you see it in The Chronicle. Sometime when it comes to holidays, I never remember to write my articles in time. But this time was different. I want to talk about Thanksgiving. If everyone is coming to your home and you are like me, you start looking at everything with an inspector’s eye. I know in Houston you have a lot of mildew that forms on the outside siding and brick. 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner is an easy way to clean that off. You spray it on, let it work, and then rinse it off. No scrubbing. There are three sizes-- quart, hose-end (reaches 2nd story) and a concentrated gallon. The most economical is the concentrated gallon. Mix it up ½ and ½ with water and put it in a pump-up sprayer and start cleaning. Rinse with a garden hose. No high pressure is needed. It’s a great product to use on sidewalks too.

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Make your stained front door looked refreshed by polishing it with SunShield. If your door is dirty, rinse it off and then dry it. Then using a soft rag apply SunShield. If as your varnish is intact, this process deepens the color of the finish and makes it look newly refinished. If you have lost color towards the bottom of the door, apply Restore-A-Finish first…. then when it’s dry, polish it up with SunShield. It’s a game changer.

If your celebration lasts until late evening, make sure that family members can see clearly outside. Install Philips Dusk to Dawn bulbs around the outside of the house. They are very economical. I have had mine in for 2 years and they are still burning bright. You won’t have to remember to turn on the lights, because they have a sensor in the front of the bulb that does all the work.

If you have wood, tile or laminate floors, make them glow with products from Holloway House. The original product, Quick Shine Multi-Surface Floor Finish, provides an instant shine with one coat. The shine deepens with each additional coat. High shine on older wood floors makes them years newer. I used to use it on 35-year-old parquet floors. People would always ask me how much it cost to refinish the floors. They were always amazed when I said about $20. Not all new wood floors are finished in a high shine. The newer floors are more of a soft luster. Holloway House has a newer product called Floor Luster. It’s what I use now. And remember, these Holloway finishes will never have to be removed or stripped…. it’s a polymer finish. You simply walk it off. If your floor has lost the shine, just apply a new coat or two. These products smell fresh and clean.

Protect your granite from any stains that might happen on Thanksgiving. Apply a sealer. Granite Gold makes one that is easy to apply. Just spray and wipe and buff dry. I like Granite Gold products because the manufacturers are stone masons by trade. Who better than to know how to take care of stone? They also make a shower cleaner. I have not used it in the shower because I have ceramic tile. But if you have a hard water build up on your granite by the faucets, this is the safe way to clean it.

Do you have a question? We have plenty of time to take care of it. Call me at the store in San Antonio at 210-341-1573, and we can talk about it. Or did you miss the article in the paper? It is on the website… This year, I don’t host Thanksgiving…. someone younger wants to (oh boo-hoo). I hope you get to have Thanksgiving with your family. I am thankful for so much. Yes, it’s been a hard year, but all my family is healthy and working. We have three grand babies that I plan to hug until they push me away. And I am thankful to still be asked to write this article and talk with you. My dad’s birthday was on the 8th and he would have been 90. I thank God for such a wonderful father who paved the way for me and shared his knowledge.