Holloway House

Sometimes you have to face the facts, accept that something is wrong, and make a change. I’m not talking about the couple of Covid pounds you might have gained, or staying on the couch binge watching Netflix for hours…although I have done that. No, what I am talking about is floors.

Let me give you the scenario. I had my kids coming in from Alpine, and I did what I usually do…I speed cleaned my house. I raced around with toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, furniture polish, and vacuum cleaner in tow. I am sure I broke the record for cleaning a 1200 square foot house. I traumatized my dog, and he hid from me. But when I finished, I was so pleased, and the house looks great! That’s the key word.... “looks.”

My sweet granddaughter runs around bare foot in my house. And you know every piece of her is fair game as far as my kissing her. So, I was pulling her little cherub feet up and guess what...they were brown…. with dirt. That floor that looked beautiful was not clean, and that made me re-think how I was cleaning the floors.

I usually just give floors a quick mop with Quick Shine Floor Luster and they look amazing. But I was not giving them a deep clean. Holloway House makes a Deep Cleaner, and if you have to remove old wax, it’s the best. It works on ground-in dirt and wax the minute it hits the floor. It works quickly and also removes polymer and acrylic finishes. Follow the directions on the bottle and use the hot water to make the job easier. But this product needs to be rinsed, so it is not just a squirt-and-mop kind of project with Deep Cleaner.

Holloway House also makes Multi Surface Floor Cleaner, and that is what I use for cleaning. It’s a dirt dissolving, streak free, no rinse cleaner that is right up my alley. I don’t have any wax on the floor and decided this cleaner would work. It comes in an easy squirt top bottle that you just apply to the floor in a 5 x 5 area and mop. I use a microfiber cleaning pad that I get from Bona. I have about four cleaning pads, and use them, wash, and then let air dry. And the nice part about using the cleaner from Holloway House, it does not dull the finish of the Floor Luster.

And that made the difference. Try it at your house and see if it doesn’t pass the white sock test.

Now to the email….

Question: We have a country vacation home that has developed a crack in the tank. I was wondering if there might be a way to fix this crack instead of replacing the tank.
Answer: Goop glues make a formula for almost everything. Plumbing Goop is a great product to keep around the house. It repairs all kinds of things from plumbing leaks to tennis shoes. Turn off the water under the tank. Flush the toilet and then dry out the tank. Apply Plumbers Goop to the crack on the inside of the tank. And then let it dry completely before filling up with water.

Question: We bought a used RV. The interior is pretty nice but the exterior is so dirty with grime and mildew stains. The owner said, “take as is,” and so we did. What can we clean the exterior with that we wouldn’t have to get on a ladder? We can’t wait to get on the road!
Answer: Oh, lucky you! Clean the exterior with 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner. Just remember to start with a dry surface and it will clean faster. It comes in a quart size, ready-to-use hose end, and concentrated gallon size. The gallon will make two gallons when mixed half and half with water. The hose-end formula will reach a second story, so the top of your RV will be no problem.

Question: My yardman broke a concrete angel I have in my yard. It’s just the wind but I want to attach the wing back. What kind of glue do I use?

Answer: Use PC-7. This strong epoxy will re-attach just about anything. You angel will regain her wings and keep watch over you and your garden.