Magic Clear Lens

I love a good magic act…the kind that leaves you laughing and wondering how in the world did they do that. Well, I have just about the same reaction when I use Magic Clear Lens on an auto headlight that is so cloudy and yellow with age, and with one wipe…. it’s clear.

I have a new employee. That in itself is a miracle. He has an older Toyota that gets great gas mileage, but the headlights were very cloudy and yellow with age. I told him about Magic Clear Lens, and he said he didn’t think it would make a difference on his lens. With just one paper towel and a small amount of Magic Clear Lens his lens went from aged and yellow to clear new headlight. He was thrilled because at night he had to have his lights on bright to see to drive. Not safe for him or the other drivers.

Magic Clear Lens is a risk-free cleaner for headlights. It will not damage the headlight; it just removes all the dirt from the lens that makes the lens look old. Magic Clear Lens comes in two sizes. The small size will clean 20 headlight lenses and the larger will clean 40 lenses. I know, you don’t have 20 cars or 40 cars. Magic Clear Lens is a maintenance cleaner. So, every 60 days you need to clean the headlights again.

Now I am going to put in a disclaimer. If you have previously cleaned your headlights with an abrasive cleaner and buffer, you might not get great results from Magic Clear Lens. Damage has already been done to the lens and there is no going back. But if you haven’t …. you are going to love Magic Clear Lens! And your car will look years newer.

Now to the email….

Question: A couple of years ago you wrote about a product that worked great on fences and would clean mildew off silicone grout in the tub. I can not find the article and I am hoping you remember what it was, and where I can buy it.
Answer: Yes, it was called Miracle Mist. And at first, it was a miracle. I have never seen anything like it. But it did not live up to the hype. It had NO shelf life. That’s all I’m going to say…. if you see it advertised, don’t buy it. If it’s been on the shelf for more than 30 days, it won’t work. The product is not stable. BUT…. I am looking at a new product and the parent company is great and has a long record of success. So, give me a month, and I will tell you all I have learned.

Question: We have a handle set on the front and recently it has been harder and harder to get the door to open when we press the thumb latch. On the inside of the door, it’s no problem. It will open right away. The other morning, I went for a walk and just shut the door. When I came back from my walk, I could not get in. I thought my husband locked the door. But he didn’t and I was lucky he was at home at the time. So how do I fix my door lock?
Answer: I called my brother–in–law. He owns a business called Acme Doors and More. I asked him how to fix the lock so it would work. He said to replace’s old and worn out. I laughed and asked if there was a way to extend the life of the lock. So, he said to take off the knob on the inside of the door. This will expose the guts of the lock. Spray it with Tri-Flow. Tri-Flow is a lubricant. DON’T USE WD 40. Tri- Flow is like Teflon---liquid ball bearings in a can. And it doesn’t attract dust. WD40 does. After spraying, put the handle back on. You will get another couple of years out of the door lock.

Also use Tri-Flow on sticky hinges. Squeaky doors on the inside or outside of your home will be quiet after Tri-Flow. Heavy mirrored doors or sliding glass doors will move freely with one finger if you lubricate with Tri-Flow. Once you use will never go back to WD40.